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  1. nuschmu

    nuschmu New Member

    Hi all,
    Sorry to arrive and make a new thread straight away but I cant find any help anywhere. Ive just got a HTC One V from amazon, it is second hand but as new. Everything looks lovely but the three buttons at the bottom : call , home and the third one are permanently lit up, and the battery seems to be draining very quickly.
    A minute or so looking at the phone it drops a percentage point, at this rate the phones not going to be any use.
    can anyone help ?

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    please take a moment and post in the introduction thread

    on to the issue at hand, have you attempted to perform a factory reset?
  3. GoingNuts

    GoingNuts New Member

    I also have a battery drain problem with my HTC One V.

    I did a factory reset 2 days ago. I have left WiFi etc turned off (no Syncs possible); haven't added anything other than a few calander entries after the factory reset - the phone is only running the HTC Sense Input and Settings Apps. With the phone sitting in standby, screen not in use - it loses 70% of the battery in 13hours. Up until a week or 2 ago it would not need recharging for days if I wasn't using it.

    Initially I was thinking the problem was apps I had downloaded or the FB app that comes with it but since the reset didn't work I figure it must be one of the updates HTC or Android provided. I don't know if the updates are removed with a factory reset. :confused:

    I really liked my new phone for the 1st month of owning it.:(

    Does anybody have any other suggestions for fixing my phone?

    Solution Found: I decided to force Android to calibrate the battery and it seems to have solved my problem. Been nearly 2 days and I have 60% power left with WiFi turned ON and my normal use.
  4. GoingNuts

    GoingNuts New Member

    Try doing a calibrating of the battery to solve your drain issue. These instructions are copied from a post made by CafeKampuchia
    1. Run the battery down until the phone shuts itself down once and recharge it. Don't do this a lot as it's hard on the battery. This allows android to calibrate the bottom end of the battery's capacity.

    2. Charge the battery until the light turns green. Then unplug it and shut it down. While off, plug it back in and let it charge until the light is green again. It should take 1-5 minutes. Restart the phone plugged in and once it's running, unplug it.
    They worked for me. Good luck
  5. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Yes that's a sense problem. Its awesome on jellybean

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