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new problem syncing with deja office

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  1. whoisjohngalt

    whoisjohngalt Member


    I recently purchased an android phone. I knew I was going to need the companionlink software to link to my personal outlook on my home computer.

    Here is what happend to me...I "think" these activities are related.
    1) set up phone w/ pattern match security.
    2) got deja office app (djo)
    3) got trial copy of companionlink software that syncs with deja office.
    worked fine.
    4) set up a corporate email account which forced the android to a security code lock instead of the pattern lock (I had a previous posting on this one)
    5) purchased companionlink software
    6) Now I'm trying to sync and I get:

    "Additional settings required for android. You must specify the password DJO displays on your device."

    i'm not sure that djo displays a password on my device.
    I now have a password (non-pattern) on my device.
    I would try putting that in, but I'm not sure where in companionlink to do this.

    Any thoughts!

    Happy new year!


  2. whoisjohngalt

    whoisjohngalt Member

    well - upon digging into deja office on my phone it looks like my ip address had changed. Still got some password error though.

    Since my ip is going to change, I'm going to stick with usb sync. I'm trying that now.

    Overall the companionlink software is allright, but it's frankly kind of lame.


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