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New Rezound owner (soon).General

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  1. fyrfyter612

    fyrfyter612 Well-Known Member

    First it the the OG Inc......now the Inc. 2......and later this week it'll be the Rezound. I've been wanting this phone since it came out and finally pulled the trigger since I was able to get it for $99.99. Seems to be mostly good reviews about it. Should be getting it tomorrow but not going to put it in service till my Otterbox Defender case shows up.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    All I can say is you are in for some fun. The Rezound is a very good phone. Solid and fast. Great buy at $99 for sure. Congrats and welcome to the Rezound area.
    If you have any questions or encounter any problems.. let us know. A tight community here with great people that love to help.
  3. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    I second that!
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  4. clipperqb

    clipperqb Well-Known Member

    I have been extremely happy with my switch to rezound after having the dinc for almost 2 years. Larger screen, faster in all aspects, better reception, excellent handling.
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