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  1. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Alright, I did the OTA update and launcher pro quit working! Not immediately, it happened when I shut the phone down and changed out my spare battery.

    I uninstalled both the launcher pro and the launcher pro license, then re-installed, nadda, nothing...

    I looked it up on google and found an obscure thread with a similar issue on the rezound back in November.

    If this happens to you, try downloading an alternate launcher, when it installs, a pop up will appear giving you a choice of which launcher to use! Long as launcher pro is still installed, you should still see it on the list.

    If there is another way to do this, please chime in :)

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    You can try the app home switcher. It will allow you to choose which launcher is used.
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  3. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks! :D I will try that! I was wondering if there was a way to pull up some kind of launcher switcher. :)
  4. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

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  5. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

  6. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

  7. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    Home Manager taking away the annoying status bar icons

    Home Manager
    Menu (red button)
    Uncheck "notification" and "quick switcher"
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  8. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha! I already unistalled it, I shall re-install it. :) Thanks for the tip :)

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