[NEW ROMs] GingerElite v2 & PrimeHD 9.0 for X8

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  1. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    UPDATE: There are 2 custom ROMs that are equally good at the moment for STOCK KERNEL.
    Rather than start another thread, I thought I'd post both of them here... you be the judge which is better.

    Still waiting for a good version of ICS 4.0+ to be ported to the Xperia X8...

    DISCLAIMER: Please use the info below at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

    GINGERELITE V2 Features:
    * Stable and Fast
    * Xperia S look
    * Latest Xperia boot animation
    * Some Xperia Apps & Icons
    * Launcher with Xperia S dock
    * Xperia S Ringtones & Audios
    * Beats Audio
    * Bravia Hack
    * Multi-Touch for both Cypress and Synaptic
    * Stable and fast
    * And a lot of Xperia S stuff

    PrimeHD 9.0
    PrimeHD Features:
    Built from CM Sources
    Absolutely Clean
    Great performance with 2D/3D
    Better graphics rendering
    SDCard optimizations: Normal speed upto ~12MB/s
    Zip-Aligned for better RAM at boot
    updater-scripts tweaks
    build.prop tweaks
    Edited framewok-res for better battery icons
    Optimized PNGs
    Also works on nAa kernel
    Stock 2.3 Launcher
    ICS Transitions
    3MP Camera(Sample Photo)
    Google Play
    Awesome battery life
    Beautiful Gallery based on QuickPic*
    PrimeDX Settings: GingerDX Settings for PrimeHD with some optimizations, credits doixanh

    * Rooted Xperia X8
    * ClockworkMod Recovery*
    * Baseband 015
    * Sony Ericsson Stock Kernel

    If you are stuck in a boot loop it's because you have got an old baseband xxx006
    Download FlashTool and flash Baseband 015
    OR follow the guide below:
    [Guide] Using FlashTool to Root and Update Baseband 015 for X8

    (A) Make a backup of whatever ROM you are using
    1. Restart Xperia X8
    2. Multiple click back button when SE logo appears
    3. Go to Backup / Restore <click><backup>
    4. When backup is complete <reboot> X8

    (B) Installation of CUSTOM ROM:
    1a. Download GingerElite V2 ROM OR GingerElite V2 ROM
    1b. Download PrimeHD 6.0
    1c. Download PrimeHD 9.0 and Stock Addons (required for PrimeHD v9.0)
    2. Copy ROM to sdcard
    3. Reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery*
    4a. Wipe data/Factory Reset
    4b. Wipe cache partition
    5. Install custom zip (and for PrimeHD also install <stock addons>)
    6. Reboot

    For those who do not have ClockworkMod Recovery
    a) download ClockworkMod Recovery<-- here
    b) flash the ClockworkMod Recovery zip file using xRecovery
    c) reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery

    Other Files You May Require:
    Ice Cream Sandwich Lock Screen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers
    Ice Cream Sandwich Live Wallpaper
    Root Explorer
    Astro File Explorer

    Like the Custom ROM... Please hit the THANKS button over @ XDA
    GingerElite v2 by Xperia Fan
    PrimeHD 6.0 by HAKA

    cheers :)

    Reference Link:
    GINGER ELITE XDA Developers Forum for the Screen Shots
    PrimeHD 6.0 XDA Developers Forum for the Screenshots

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  2. chandu354

    chandu354 New Member

    after installing gingerelite Rom im unable to use xRecovery n clockworkmod. please help how to use these options in x8.
  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    to access xRecovery menu
    power down your X8
    reboot and multiple press the <back> button

    to access CWM menu
    power down your x8
    reboot and multiple press <volume up> or <volume down> button

    cheers :)
  4. azstrange

    azstrange New Member

    i want to know about ginger elite v2..it says that have a multitouch for synatic and cypress..it is correct multitouch i means, real multitouch?
  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    The Xperia X8 screen is a single touch screen.
    So there is no real multi-touch for this phone, all are fakes.

    But you have to consider the level of integration with the software.
    Most multi-touch are at the system level and some have multi-touch at selected software level.

    cheers :)
  6. midostory

    midostory Member

    what stock kernel mean my phone baseband ends with 015 not 06 but i still can't get what stock kernel mean
  7. midostory

    midostory Member

    which Rom is the best
  8. midostory

    midostory Member

    i installed primeHD6 after i did that i can't access xrecovery or clockworkmod when i press back button or volume up stock at sony Ericsson white
  9. midostory

    midostory Member

    i'm stuck and need to bak to my previous ROM and i don't know how to do this
  10. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Best thing to do is to copy the three xRecovery files to your SD Card and then copy them back to your /system/bin using Root Explorer.

    cheers :)
  11. ianedzone

    ianedzone Member

    I tried this ROM but the problem is the lack of a pre-installed File Explorer. You need to download from Google Play first (I did not have internet access during that time so I was forced to use GingerFast instead)
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  12. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the feedback.
    I have added 2 file explorers for those who don't have internet access.

    cheers :)
  13. carlo0920

    carlo0920 Member

    i really want to upgrade my phone into any of the available ROMs out there.
    but i have some problems.

    "unlock bootloader"

    do i really need to do this?
    i am following the videos of technewsweekly on youtube,
    i really want to do those stuffs but the unlock bootloader thing is stopping me.
    can someone enlighten me bout this thing?
  14. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You have to unlock bootloader if you are flashing custom kernels.

    Some custom roms are developed to run with custom roms.
    All my guides are written for custom roms with STOCK Kernel.
    You don't have to unlock bootloader.

    Once you unlock bootloader there is no reverting back and you void the warranty on your phone.

    So for owners of Xperia X8 who are still under warranty (don't unlock bootloader) you can try a custom rom and revert back the original SE Android Eclair 2.1.1 using PC Companion and warranty will cover any defects.

    cheers :)
  15. rezy

    rezy New Member

    pls help me i tried to fix it in my own way but I can't hehehe why is that??? pls reply asap
  16. sxperias

    sxperias New Member

    Hi gabeyong! Thanks for the great rom.

    I've installed it few hours ago and i found that wifi doesnt work. (802.1x EAP with username and password @ my college). Plus, 3G connection is not that good as before. The rest are all fine. Looking forward to your next fix and future amazing roms. :)
  17. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    i can not start rom b coz i tuci the androud to begin in rom PrimeHD 8.0 but do not work yet what i do!! [​IMG]
  18. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    3G connection is not work in gingerelitev2
  19. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Yes, PrimeHD 8.0 has some bugs.
    I was told that a newer version is coming out that will resolve some of the bugs first week of June. So I will update when the new version comes out.

    I am still waiting for ICS 4.0+ to be ready. It is in beta 1 stage of development.

    cheers :)
  20. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    3G connection is not work in gingerelitev2
  21. bobbystifler

    bobbystifler Member

    i installed primeHD8 after i did that i can't access xrecovery or clockworkmod when i press back button or volume up stock at sony Ericsson white.plz help
    plz email bobbystifler@gmail.com thank
  22. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Use Flashtool to flash original SE rom
    Use Flashtool to root & install xRecovery.
    Use xRecovery to flash new custom rom

    I am using GingerDX v22 for now.

    cheers :)

    link here
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  23. glennster

    glennster Member

    Hi gabe... what does "Sony Ericsson Stock Kernel" means? if im using the gingerxperia v3 does it means that I can use this ROM already by using the xRecovery?
  24. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Stock Kernel means you have not unlock bootloader and flashed a custom kernel (e.g. nAa or Alfs Kernel).

    cheers :)
  25. bobbystifler

    bobbystifler Member

    hi gabe thnx dat u suggested me to use GingerDXv22 for my Sony Ericsson x8(shakira) its gud, But Der r some bugs in it like file transfer via Bluetooth s not possible . Battery gets drained soon etc . Can u suggest me very good custom ROM which works fine wit all aspects ,fast etc . thnx

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