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new SD card died -temporarily using original SanDisk 2GSupport (Browse All)

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  1. liewbob

    liewbob Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 10, 2010
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    I got a Kingston16GB microSDHC Class 10 2A from eBay back in June and it was doing great. Then, all of a sudden, this morning, I got a "Removing SD Card" notification as I was booting up. My eStrong file explorer didn't see it in the phone and it didn't show up when I connected to my PC via USB. I then tried it in my PCs smart card slot and nothing.
    Meanwhile my original SanDisk 2GB seems to work fine and Kingston is sending me a new card upon receipt of my dead one.
    My question is:
    Not having backed up my Kingston [​IMG] - Should I expect any problems running the phone with the SanDisk until I receive my replacement Kingston? I'm not worried about my music, pics or docs cuz I can replace them from my PC - but I've installed & uninstalled a number of apps since I switched cards (and I see that the SD card has folders for a lot of the apps).
    Is there anything else to look out for? My dInc does seem to be a little jerky (like on installing updates0 - but otherwise I haven't noticed any probs.
    Any advice would be appreciated. I'm still running 2.1 update 1 - no root.
    Thanx! ​


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