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  1. bonjb

    bonjb Member

    I bought a new 4gb SD card (Kingston) to replace my 1gb for my Galaxy Y.

    A friend (who's knowledgeable on Android) said transferring files from the old to new card is okay. So I did that, including the hidden files. Now, I can't remember if I unmounted it from my PC properly before disconnecting it via my phone.

    Since then the 'unexpected removed' keeps popping up every few minutes. I could not reformat it via phone means because the option is darkened (I can't click on it). I reformatted it via PC (FAT) but still after minutes of observation the same notice is still popping up.

    Please help me. :( I really don't know what to do after the initial troubleshooting I've done.

    Android ver: 2.3.6

  2. kritrim

    kritrim New Member

    I was using 2GB microSD (original samsung) for a month and it was ok. but recently i bought a kingston 16gb microSDHC class 4 and it is not working. it says unexpectedly removed again and again. well, when i put back the 2GB, it is ok. it is just not supporting the new 16 GB. so i factory reset the set, but even though the same. i don't know what to do. i tried each and every solutions available everywhere. but everytime its same. 2GB is ok, 16 GB is not. software, firmware and everything is up to date.
    it seems that Y is pretty determined that it would continue rejecting 16GB card other than samsung......
    anyone, solution??
  3. bonjb

    bonjb Member

    I also did a factory reset as my last resort. The same problem of the sd card being unexpectedly removed is still there but it lessened greatly. I'm going to monitor my phone for 1 or 2 days and see if the frequency of the notifications get higher.
  4. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    Thats a (VERY)common problem with most official firmwares.. try updating(or maybe switching to a custom ROM, I use ChobitsDigitalis v1.6)
    Formatting the card did good for some people though.. if you wish to format it using ur phone, Take a Backup!!! then goto settings>sdcard and tap unmount.. format should now be clickable.
  5. kritrim

    kritrim New Member

    well, i factory reset, i formatted in set, i formatted in windows, i formatted in mac, i used SD Booster app, i did every possible solutions, but it simply wont work with my new one. sick!!!
  6. bonjb

    bonjb Member

    Just like kritim, I did all the possible reformatting I could (via PC and phone) but it's still there. I recently updated my firmware to DXLC1. I'm confused if it's the software or the SD card (despite it being brand new could it also be faulty)?
  7. mlacson29

    mlacson29 Member

    Flash back your SGY to previous firmware. DXLC1 on some SGY has this issue, most stable firmware is DXKL2. Or try some custom kernel, it will solve sd card problem.
  8. bonjb

    bonjb Member

    Thank you, I'll try that. But, do you know if a Class 4 micro sd cards are compatible with SGY? I just realized it lately that it might be a factor too.
  9. bonjb

    bonjb Member

    This is troublesome but please bear with me. My latest update on my SD card problem. To sum things up:

    - bought 4gb sd card to replace my 1gb

    - 'sd card unexpectedly removed' pops up

    - new sd card underwent reformatting via phone and pc; problem still remained

    - updated SGY's latest firmware to Kernel version dpi@DELL175#1, Build number DXLC1 (Philippine version); problem still remained

    - changed back to 1gb (reformatted); problem disappeared [used it for 2 days]

    - asked shop to replace new 4gb sd card assuming it was the faulty one but the shop rejected it as it was working (they tested it)

    - used the new 4gb sd card again (reformatted via PC then phone); problem came back

    - asked in this forum if SD card class would affect compatibility; a user answered it was not

    So now I'm absolutely confused. It seems that from the summary of things that have happened the SD card is the problem when it's used by my phone only.

    As much as possible I don't want to throw away my new SD card because it won't have any use aside from phone memory and buy a new one. But I'm also at a loss as to what to do. :(
  10. xephshin

    xephshin New Member

    unexpected SD card removal problem is not a firmware problem..
    its just because your kernel is damage.. they have posted a fix here..

    hope you find my reply helpful
  11. reggaedroid

    reggaedroid New Member

    hi my kernel version is the se.infra@SEP-71 #1 and its gingerbread.wbkk1 i notice the other guys facing this problem use the kernel @dell, thats not provided in jamaica, i think? but i still have this problem too, i was gonna go to my service provider furious untill i read this forum, so i figured its not really their fault can you help me to fix this please :D

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