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  1. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    So I was sat around today and when I went to go on my HTC Desire I was asked to set up a password. Strange, I thought but I set one up and it turns out to be the ScreenLock password. Usually the phone asks for a pattern to be drawn to unlock it etc etc now I have to put in the password I was asked to set up instead. When I go into the phone security settings I cannot disable the password or change it back to the pattern method...? I prefer the pattern method as it's much easier to input than the little keyboard to put in password, and I can turn it off when I'm at home. I am totally confused as to how and why...please help?

  2. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    ok so i managed to get rid of that stupid password lock by using LockPicker. But it must be something to do with my work email using a secure microsoft exchange...?

    I still can't change the unlock pattern on my security setttings tho.!!

  3. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum! :D

    That sounds like a bit of a strange situation, there; I've never heard of the phone suggesting you set a password "on its own". However, I've never used Exchange so I have no idea how that might affect things.

    When you go into home->menu->settings->security, what are your settings, and what exactly happens when you select "change unlock pattern" or "require pattern"?
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  4. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    Thanks for the reply. So if I go to my Security settings the option to set an unlock 'pattern' is no longer available. The only options are

    Change Unlock Password - set a pin or password up, bypassed now with the Lockpicker app

    Set up SIM card Lock - self explanatory
    Visible Passwords
    Use secure credentials - ghosted out
    Install from SD card - install encrypted certificates from SD card
    Set Password - credential storage password
    Clear storage - ghosted out

    There is a small bar at the top of the screen which has 'Screen unlock pattern' on it but I am unable to select it.

    It looks like the password system has taken over, but now I cannot change my pattern or deactivate it. I don't use the pattern unlock when I'm at home because I'm at home and not likely to loose my phone in the house so it would be nice to just turn it off.

    I really think that it's because I am using an exchange server to access my work email and HTC, Microsoft, or whoever has introduced a security measure to keep confidential information safe....???

    Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Bytsy

    Bytsy New Member

    I can confirm that it is when you set up to link to Microsoft Exchanger Server for e-mail that you are prompted to enter a password. I had no idea when I did this that it was going to be the screenlock password (I was in a hurry and may not have read this on screen). This option does not appear to be possible to remove and I am now forced to enter a password every time I want to use my phone. Please can anyone help with this? :confused:

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum

    Go to settings/security/change screen lock, you then input your password or pattern & you should get the option to disable.
  7. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    Bytsy, you need to install an app called 'Lockpicker'. That will bypass the security that asks for your password but you still need to input the pattern as usual. Unfortunatly you can no longer change the pattern on the phone now without removing the email account. If you want to change the pattern then write down the exchange settings, remove the account, change the pattern, disable 'Lockpicker', add the account again, choose a password and enable 'Lockpicker' again to disable the password request.


    What a ball ache. Hope it helps.
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  8. Bytsy

    Bytsy New Member

    Thanks Anoniemouse but I don't get that option at all. I see the heading Screen unlock pattern with Change unlock password but there is no option there to disable, only to change the password. If there is a way to find disable please let me know.:(

    Thanks BravoLima. When I got my phone (from Orange) it didn't have a pattern installed - indeed I never found out about the pattern setting until this issue and wondered whether this was actually for a different model since I hadn't seen it. Is there any risk associated with using 'Lockpicker' (other than having the phone permanently unlocked)?

    I guess this would allow me to actually go back and set the pattern for the first time - right?

    Thanks both for your replies.

  9. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    Yeah, going through that process will enable you to change your unlock pattern. And if you still have a HTC desire after all this time then you're mad...lol what a load of crap they are....
  10. Bradden

    Bradden Well-Known Member

    Calling desire a load of crap ... on a desire forum?

    I think you'd get more support calling Arsene Wenger "crap" at the Emirates Stadium. :)
  11. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    Haha err yeah they are crap - I should know i had one for 18 months and got rid of it for the HTC Sensation XE as soon as I could.....

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