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New Sensation,Android owner..PLS readGeneral

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  1. Moneymike420

    Moneymike420 Active Member

    hey guys and ladies.just got my 1st android phone,of course its the sensation lol..got it on release day on the 15th.last night my sound completely went and i couldnt hear ringtones,the weather app,music etc etc.on top of that..i had pixelation lines through my facebook widget app :mad: thought my phone was broken and i went to the tmobile corp. store i bought it at ,and told them the problem.and they right away did a battery pull and everything was back to normal......they said its recomended to to a BP or shut it down manually every 24 hours or so,just to recharge it,since it is a powerful device.has anyone noticed something like this with your previous android phones?? any input is highly appreciated! btw i love this phone its so sick..coming from a BB9700

  2. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    I don't have experience with the Sensation yet (arriving Tuesday), but my myTouch Slide is working perfectly and hasn't been shut off let alone had its battery pulled in over a month...
  3. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I had (3) thin horizontal lines, that looked like "snow" on a TV with no signal, through my Smpoth Calendar, and Winamp widgets. However I just deleted and then re-installed the widget....no problems since, and no need for daily ŕeboot.
  4. Moneymike420

    Moneymike420 Active Member

    thanks for the replies every1,i think it was because my phone hadnt been turned off since i 1st bought it on the 15th,and i had DL a few apps,checked out most of the stock apps,and didnt even think to give her a fresh reboot.so hopefully that was my problem

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