New SGS2 can't assign custom Ring/Alarm/NotifSupport

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  1. dafoozeking

    dafoozeking New Member

    Hi all! I'm new here and would be greatly appreciative if anyone could help me solve a frustrating problem!

    -Bought SGS2 2 days ago, rooted, used Ti Backup to remove preloaded bloatware.
    -I tried today to upload mp3s to my microUSB (both the internal and external cards), and followed the folder making directions of other posts that i found on google (e.g. sdcard/media/audio/XXX); where XXX = Notifications or Ringtones or Alarms).
    -I did this, but when i went to incoming call and clicked on default sound, none of the titles showed, and in fact the only option was "Silent."
    -On the music player, i tried searching for any music but nothing turns up.
    -When I went to My Files and nav'd my way to the mp3 containing folders, i long-pressed the mp3, and the only options that popped up were Share/Delete/Move/COpy/Rename/Details; with no "assign as ring tone etc" options.

    -I'm wondering if my app removal using Ti Backup may have removed something critical?

    -Update: sporadically, it now says "" has stopped working unexpectedly, as well as "" also stopped working repeatedly.
    -I factory wiped but still the same deal. I'm quite new to this and am wondering if its a bad ROM or Kernal?
    Could anyone shed any light on this? Googling hasn't turned up anything and I'm totally like

    Thanks in advance! =)

  2. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    Try some mp3 to ringtone programs on market if that's what your trying to do.
  3. Motoperpetual

    Motoperpetual Member

    I found a way to set your custom mp3 as your ringtone:

    In your "music" app (the one with a CD icon, not the headphone one), click on the melody.
    while playing that melody, you can click on "menu" --> "Set as" --> "phone ringtone" or "Caller ringtone" or "Alarm tone".

    But looks like we can't set "notification tone" the same way.
  4. Motoperpetual

    Motoperpetual Member

    Found the way to assign custom notification tone as well
    Connect your phone to your computer via USB. Save your intended mp3 file under the "notification file": [phone drive]\media\audio\notification\[yourtone.mp3]

    Then set notification tone from "Setting"
  5. robo21

    robo21 Well-Known Member

    I would go back to stock and see if the abilities to use custom ringtones and notifications are restored.

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