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  1. [FONT=&quot]We just released our first app, a speed dial widget, Sign. We would love to get everyone's feedback and comments. Here's a brief description.

    Sign is a unique, gesture based speed dialer for Android which lets you call or text your friends by simply drawing a gesture (signing) directly from your home screen.

    Unlike other speed dial options such as direct dial icons or quick dial widgets, you don

  2. Ok, using a free app called ShootMe (Johan Cloetens), which worked great, I was able to upload some new screenshots. These do a better job of indicating how you Sign from the homescreen than the ones in the market.

    I apologize in advance for the size, I really resized them a couple of times but it isn't shrinking them when I post them here.

    The contact list with assigned gestures

    A single stroke Sign on the homescreen

    A multi-stroke Sign on the homescreen

    Multiple gestures within one Sign

    Call confirmation

    The settings screen

    Contact Assignment Screen
  3. A quick note - We've had mostly positive reviews so far and only one significant bug identified - Sign currently only syncs with Google contacts, so if you use EAS/3rd party contact lists, these currently do not show up in the list of contacts you can assign a gesture to. This is a known issue that the programmer is working to implement a fix. If you have this issue and want us to keep you updated, send us an e-mail at and we will let you know as soon as that problem has been resolved.

    Also, if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We are currently working on an update to implement a few suggestions we've already received. The primary change will be to allow the user to set either call OR text as the default action. Hopefully that will reduce how often you have to select one or the other.

    Thanks to everyone who has tried it out.

  4. For anyone whose premium version of Sign has stopped working overnight or today, please download the update in the market. The issue has been identified and corrected. Thank you very much to those people who informed us of the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. UPDATE:

    A quick update on the status of the fix for Sign not syncing with non-Google contacts. The programmer has resolved the issue and Sign is able to pull in non-Google contacts including EAS and other 3rd party contact databases. He is still in the process of optimizing it so that it runs efficiently; however, once he has that done, we will be uploading it to the market. Hopefully we'll have the updated version in the market at some point this weekend or early next week at the latest. Just a heads up for anyone who has been waiting for this issue to be resolved. We appreciate your patience.

  6. [FONT=&quot]Just a heads up that it appears the EAS contacts issue has been resolved. The new version was uploaded to the market this morning. If you are still unable to see your contacts or if you experience any other issues, please let us know so we can resolve the issue.

    In addition to fixing the EAS issue, there are a few other features added to the new version.

    • [FONT=&quot]The user can now set the default action to either call or text, depending on which they do more often[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]Sign now works as an app in addition to the original widget, allowing users to add Sign to alt-home/launcher docks (ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro and others).[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]Sign now identifies the Company/Organization name for contacts with no first/last name specified[/FONT]
    • [FONT=&quot]Several UI/graphics-related changes[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]We're excited about the new update, and hope you enjoy Sign. The QR Codes for the full and lite versions are shown below.

    Sign - Full Version ($1.99)
    Unlimited Contacts

    Sign Lite (Free)
    3 Contacts

    Simply Applied

  7. Interesting - it seems that Droid X's post was deleted when the site was down yesterday.

    Droid X - Thanks for the feedback. We're always looking to know how the recognition is working for people so we can make adjustments.

    We are also looking at making the signs map to a specific action; however, we are considering how to do that and also keep it simple who people who don't want to have different Signs for the same person. It will probably end up being an option the user can select when assigning the gesture to the contact.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Just a heads up that we are in the process of upgrading the graphics on Sign.


    Click here to see a larger version on our blog.

    We are also working on some other exciting updates, so keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.
  9. We were finally able to get the graphics incorporated and updated in the market in the last few days. In addition to revising the graphics, we also added a feature to go directly to the homescreen after a call is ended. Hopefully this will prevent accidental misdials from the Call Log screen.

    We aren't done adding features - we're going to implement some user control over the recognition, allow the user to save multiple Signs for each number to improve the recognition, add email, add the ability to assign gestures to apps or other shortcuts, etc. As always, we welcome suggestions, but these are just some of the features we are going to be working on over the next several weeks/months.

    Here's a few screenshots - its tough to get the timing down to get the actual "Signs" in the screenshot, but there's a few.







  10. We're excited to announce that our second application is now available in the Android Market!

    CritiCall is designed to allow your phone to ring when you get calls from set contacts, even when your phone is set to silent.

    Using CritiCall, you can select any contact as a "critical" contact and your phone will always ring when you receive a call from that person. Easy to turn off when you CAN'T get calls, and includes a customizable auto-resume feature.

    Great if you have kids or if you provide professional services and can't afford to miss calls from important clients.

    Features include:

    • Phone rings when critical contacts call you
  11. Check out the latest review for Sign from PocketNow. He discusses Gesture Search and GestureCall before talking about Sign just after the 5 minute mark.

    Just as an update, we're currently in the process of allowing multiple Signs for each contact which is the first step in allowing the Sign to dictate whether its a call or text. Also, we're looking how to improve the opening speed, as well as add the ability to open apps/shortcuts.
  12. The most recent update to Sign is now available, and its faster than ever. Version 2.3.6 speeds up the time to launch the app and also allows Sign to be opened/used even when other apps are already open. With the optional "Quick Startup" option enabled, Sign can be accessed through the notification bar at all times. Quick Startup also means Sign opens immediately - no hesitation.

    We know people are concerned about battery life issues and having processes running in the background slowing the phone down; however, we specifically designed the Sign Quick Startup to prevent impacts to the battery life or phone performance. In fact, our testing indicates that Quick Startup doesn't use any additional battery power or have any impact on the phone's performance.

    We've also updated the Settings menu and tweaked graphics to improve the overall appearance, as well as fixed some reported bugs with the assigned gestures database which was causing issues on some phones.

    Give it a try - the Quick Startup makes a big difference in the time to activate the app and its very convenient to have Sign accessible even when other apps are open.

    We still have a lot of updates planned, so stay tuned. If you have any comments or issues, just shoot me an email at
  13. In celebration of the 4th of July, we've temporarily reduced the price from $1.99 to $0.99. The lower price is currently available in the Android Market and we're waiting for approval from the Amazon Appstore.
  14. Sign is still on sale for $0.99 in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. However, in an effort to make Sign even better for our users, we're considering removing the 3 contact limit from the free version (Sign Lite) and making it ad-supported. Let us know what you think.

    Click Here to vote.

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    I've purchased this one, sounds interesting! I voted, too - I hate ads, so I voted to leave the free one to three, no ads.
  16. Thanks for trying out Sign and voting! I tend to agree with you on no ads, which is why we originally released it that way. However, there have been quite a few requests to remove the 3 contact restriction, so we're looking at ways to do that while still providing some incentive to purchase the full version, which helps us pay the bills!
  17. Sign is one of Gizmodo's Deals of the Day today. Pick it up for $0.99.

    Also, we're going to be doing a cool giveaway in the coming weeks, so follow us on Twitter @simplyapplied to keep tab.

    Finally, we still want to hear from Sign Lite users on whether they want the 3 contact limit removed. Vote here.
  18. CritiCall now works for SMS texts!

    Also, we've added an easy-to-use On/Off widget.

    Other features include adjustable Auto-resume, groups, and customizable override times.

    Check it out!

    CritiCall Trial

  19. Just an update. We added Dynamic Sign Recognition (DSR) in the last update which means that you don't have to select call or text anymore. The screen is divided into two sections. If you start drawing the Sign on the top half of the screen its a call, and if you start the Sign on the bottom half its a text. Just turn DSR on in the settings. We're modifying the graphics to make them more clear when using DSR, so hopefully we'll have the new graphics updated this week.

    If you prefer the old way, just turn DSR off.

    Also, we've added an opaque background option instead of the transparent background, as well as added the option to change the color of the signs.

    Thanks for all of the feedback and suggestions.

    If you don't already have Sign, you can download it from the Market by scanning the QR code below.


  20. CritiCall v.2.3 is now available in the Play Store and will be available in the Amazon Appstore as soon as its approved.

    Version 2.3 adds customizable ringtones/text notifications as well as a backup/restore option. We also fixed some bugs.


    A couple other notes - Recent updates to Handcent, GoSMS, and other 3rd party text apps may block CritiCall from providing text notifications. If you are experiencing this issue, please email us at so we can fix this problem.

    Also, we are working to make CritiCall work with WhatsApp as well as working on quite a few new features. If you have any suggestions for features you'd like to see, post them here.
  21. Version 2.6 is now available in the Play Store.


    In this version:

    We removed the annoying "Rate this App" popup.

    Sign can now properly transmit user code/passwords to Voicemail - now just draw a single Sign and you can be listening to your voicemail in just a few seconds without having to manually enter the passcode.

    Now works with WhatsApp

    Fixed several reported force close issues including when opening the contact list

    Set Dynamic Sign Recognition as the default setting - if you want to switch back, just go to Settings and de-select DSR.

    Version 3.0 is under development and is going to offer some exciting new features, so keep an eye out for the next update.
  22. Finally, an update.

    We've had some issues getting this latest release finalized an updated to the Play Store, but its finally done.

    CritiCall version 3.0 is now available for download from the Play Store.

    What changed -

    Completely re-coded the app to make it more reliable across all devices. Fixed reported bugs. Updated the UI and graphics to be more consistent with the ICS Holo-theme. Improved usability. Added features to the Pro version - Emergency Call Override and Repeating Reminders. Removed the 5 override limitation from the Free (formerly Trial) version.

    Overall the quality of the app has been upgraded significantly and will let us make future updates more timely and add user-requested features. Right now we are working to implement a data backup/restore option which will be included in the next update. Please let us know what you think and feel free to make suggestions for improvements/new features.

    For some reason the images are still showing up full size below even though I've resized them.

    CritiCall Free

    CritiCall Pro

    A few pictures of the new look:

    Home Screen

    Auto-Resume when CritiCall is turned Off

    Auto-Resume Timer Set

    Group Settings

    Set Custom Times

    General Settings

    Notification Settings
  23. After a longer than expected hiatus...we're back!

    CritiCall 3.1 is now available in Google Play.

    A couple quick things - on some phones you may have to set a custom ringtone in the Notification Settings in order to properly override the volume. This is a function of how these phones (and version of the OS) handle "Silent Mode."

    We've tested this version extensively, especially on devices which experienced issues with version 3.0. However, we definitely want to know if anyone else has problems so we can fix them.

    If you notice any problems with the app, email us at We respond to EVERY email within 24 hours and most emails are responded to within an hour. You won't experience better customer service - I guarantee it.

    CritiCall is now free and unlimited

    CritiCall Pro removes ads and guarantees access to all upgraded features

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