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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    YOUTUBE VIDEO you can check it out here Stickman Animation - YouTube

    FULL content of backgrounds, flying objects, themes and more in the FULL VERSION

    Comments and suggestions so you can post them on and also find a lot of news, updates and information about it.

    Thank you

    Fefein! :)
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  3. SalasarYumi

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    Cool live wallpaper. .wait! is that Son Gokou whos flying?
  4. Fefein

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    Ok, thanks for you comment, really it helps.
    But first of all, it is our first application, also, we are not designers, we just know how to use some programs at an intermediate level.
    But the thing is, it is a cartoon wallpaper i mean its pure creativity if the statue of liberty its in the middle or left side it does not matter, i mean we didn't want to copy exactly how NY is.
    About the app you shared, personally we don't like it but its ok, everyone has different likes about things so i dont blame you, and we also think that it is not a comparison parameter.

    As the description says, we will update it with some background changes every two weeks so, you will see some upgrades in brackgrouds and more things.

    Thanks for your comment,

    Mobile Co Studios | mobile application developer
  5. Fefein

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    Thanks a lot!
    Tomorrow you will receive an update with a lot of more stuff, but also a new flying object related to goku!

    If you want to make some suggestions or just comment you can do it in our facebook page

  6. Fefein

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    did you like it?
    tell us !

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