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New super easy root method w/ NAND unlock

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    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

  2. redandblack1287

    redandblack1287 Well-Known Member

    I really could have used this yesterday... XD

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    I couldn't wait...I had to have full root immediately lol. I knew something like this was coming
  4. tsipa

    tsipa Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that I have to remove unrevoked before using this? Will this give me write access to /system?

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    Yes it is full root
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  6. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    with this app and full root can i remove certain stock apps from my phone?

    I just want to root phone to remove stock app and maybe some battery tweaks, thats it for now until a 2.2 rom comes out

    by using this will I lose any current settings or anything ?

    thanks android noob
  7. dgaf98

    dgaf98 Well-Known Member

    seriously i just rooted and missed this somehow... :( oh well either way i did it yay!
  8. Evo_Pimpin

    Evo_Pimpin Well-Known Member

    Thanks looks like I will give this try tomorrow.
  9. WiGgLz01

    WiGgLz01 Member

    So when you root the device does it delete everything?

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    You should have the same abilities as all the other root methods since this gives you full root so yes, but still read up on what u should and shouldn't delete.
  11. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    Rooting your phone won't make it so you can delete the sprint apps, you need to flash a custom rom which is made without the sprint apps installed. Rooting your phone DOES allow you to flash the custom rom however.

    Myself, I'm going to wait to use this method until a few more of the bugs are worked out. I've read up today on his newest updates and they sound promising but I still see people having issues. Also didn't someone mention that Unrevoked is working on something like this?
  12. werkem

    werkem Active Member


    are you sure about that ? from what i have glanced over if i root and have adb or some other commandline shell i can just remove apps from there. the poster above seems to say i can

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    he is right about flashing a rom to remove it, and you are able to remove using ADB
  14. docfreed

    docfreed Active Member

    Can't Root Explorer be used to remove stock apps from the rooted Evo? I've used it on my rooted Moment often and it works perfectly

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure but I just used adb to remove apps
  16. camdz

    camdz Well-Known Member

    Yes you can remove the applications without flashing to a new ROM. I am 100% positive, as I have done it over and over.

    After NAND was unlocked and we had R/W capabilities, I started doing it this way. I also used this method on my hero.
  17. jimmyz1

    jimmyz1 New Member

  18. MrDSL

    MrDSL Member

    Get root explorer its the easiest way to remove apps and well worth it. Most of the stuff with batch zip files was before NAND was unlocked.
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  19. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    This is not true. As long as you have full root with nand unlock you can remove anything you want without loading a custom. In fact, you can use Titanium Backup (free) to just "point and remove."

    You can also simply open up the zip file that contains any rom and just delete the apps you don't want. You don't even need nand unlock for that. If it ain't in the rom zip file it won't be on the EVO.
  20. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    last question before i make the jump this weekend so i can get rid of some of this garage

    1. will it require a wipe
    2. is it possible to get the file from another rom that blocks the ads in apps
  21. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

    sticky this so people stop using the messy methods they might not understand how to do in the first place

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member


    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    1. it wont but i will back up just in case
    2. download adfree android in the market
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  24. lath19

    lath19 Member

    I saw this but decided to use TheBiles guide to root by Evo so that I could learn something. I'm actually really glad that I did. Moving forward I'll feel comfortable using flashboot, adb, flashing roms, booting into recovery, etc. It took longer but if you want to understand what you're doing to your phone it's worth it.

    Props to the guy who put this together though. It looked really easy.

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    i did learn from that guide as well...this wasnt out when i wanted to root and i was impatient but im glad i used the biles tutorial

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