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  1. bill23118

    bill23118 New Member

    It seems that I have the latest firmware and all from researching this site, I just got the tablet a few days ago in the mail. Is there a way to get the netflix app to work? It allows me to log in but goes blank when I get to my queue. I know it uses silverlight player but wasn't sure if there was a way for me to get it on here.

    Also some of the games on the market place go really really slow and choppy like aliens and dragonplay live holdem. Is there any kind of updatest that would fix this?

    Thanks in advance =)

  2. broy55

    broy55 New Member

    The ZT-180 is a POS! I have one and looking to get rid of it! Nothing works well on this piece of crap!
  3. gewhitt1

    gewhitt1 Member

    This mite help. When I first got my zenithink zt-180 I didn't have the animation turned on, and it was slow, didn't know that the animation actuality turns on the video accelerator an makes everything work faster, hope this helps
  4. blaw918

    blaw918 Active Member

    i havnt found a way to get netfix running either nor any flash on the web. its not a bad tablet for 150.00 plays hd movies from usb or sd just fine

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