New Tablet from China made (Android 2.3.3)

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  1. huatchai

    huatchai Member

    Hi, I bought this tablet from China the detail as below

    Brand : IROBOT
    Model: EM73
    CPU:Telechips 8803 Cortex-A8 1GHZ
    Android Version: 2.3.3
    Kernel version :
    Built number: EM73_AK_GC2M_V1 20110516

    I'm having problem with super user set up when I down load terminal elmulator and superuser update fixer and the screen just pop up the message telling me that this tablet was not root and cant perform this super user setup. I'm planning to do this root by using Z4 root but do not know whether it applicable for this model, can some one help me or shade some light for me, helps will be very much appreciated. TQ.:D:D:D

  2. Parastie

    Parastie New Member

    Good luck, I've got 2.3.1 and cannot root the device for the life of me. I've tried Gingerbreak, z4root, SuperOneClick. Nothing. There are some users on a chinese site saying that they rooted 2.3.3 with SuperOneClick on a similar device. I think we might be stuck with the EM73 units.
  3. huatchai

    huatchai Member

    look like only both of having EM73 over here, maybe still new product with Android 2.3.3.... :mad::mad::mad: i'm also having problem to setup 3G with Huawei Dongle E1750...
  4. huatchai

    huatchai Member

    At last, able to set up the 3G with Huawei Dongle E1750 and work fine. Thanks for this forum that provide a lots of good info and tips. I'm now trying to root this tablet with some of the suggestion in this forum, it might not work because of different OS and model... I will try harder and find out more. If someone can help to provide more info, helps will be very much appreciated.
  5. jhayshelle12

    jhayshelle12 New Member

    hi.. I cannot access wi fi with my china android tablet model#M0097, version 2.3.3
  6. sid911

    sid911 Member

    Can you please upload the Software and the essential drivers or whole disc that came along with this device FROM ANYWHERE in this world (LOL) over some file hosting website and then share the link over here. Please.

    cause my navitablet os has been nuked. It wont boot up! just the green android logo flashing on and off!!
    I want to flash the os and its drivers but i lost my disc.

    Please man.. would be great help from you guys.

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