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  1. Hello,

    I put yesterday a new app on the market. It's a widget dedicated to the management of small text notes on smartphone desktops :

    Testing has been done on several devices (Samsung and LG models) but I would gladly welcome any new tester on all kind of phone device (from 2.2 to 4.2) to give me feedback.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Cheers !

  2. batesapps

    batesapps Member

    Layouts looks good.

    - When changing font size have to hit +/- done does not apply the font change. Save changes does.
    - Deleting note does not remove the widget? This is probably on purpose. If it is it would be nice to remember your settings (font color etc).

    Galaxy SIII 4.1.1
  3. Hello !

    Many thanks for your valuable input. It helps !

    I thought carefully about your notes and here are my returns :

    You're right. That's not a real bug. I thought initially to validate many changes with the central "update" button, but with the "Reminder" button, I had to add a indirect validation when you go out of the screen, because people maybe want to add a remider without adding anything else on the note. Even if it is not as easy to think of the same way with the customize button, you're perfectly right -> I will add the same indirect validation in the customize screen in the next version : if you validate in this screen, it will apply the font size and color change directly, no matter what the user is doing in the main screen right after. The behaviour will be uniform this way.

    As I has described in the tutorial, using the widget of a famous small text notes app (with more 20 millions download), I discovered I was loosing a lot of time (among others needless things done on the screens on this app...) creating and thrashing desktop notes all day long. I finally gave up with all the efforts and built this app in order to be able to quickly reuse widgets. After all, recycling is everywhere in our lives now. ;) If you want to write on your smartphone, you tap one time, you write and that's all. If you want to delete, you tap and that's all.

    I could have retain the last note settings indeed, but what would happens if if I enter another note with a different font color and size ? (where would go my temporary settings ?)
    At design, I thought about these things differently : in the app settings, you will see options that enable a default font color and a default font size to be specified. I suppose a user will choose first the values best suited for his phone and, after, these values will always apply for every new note... excepted if a user wants to change the color and the size for a specific note (with the "customize" button), where the specific value are kept to be changed when he wants.
  4. batesapps

    batesapps Member

    Thanks for the detailed response.

    Defaults would probably address most of the issues with the font,color concerns. Basically I setup one of my desktops with a bunch of notes that I change durning the week. Once the desktop is setup I dont generally want to change the font/color etc. You can always just put in default text instead of hitting the delete button of course.

    Thanks again for your detailed response.
  5. You're welcome !
  6. Maybe another test on a different device, anybody ?
    Many thanks in advance.

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