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New to Andriod: specifically NexusGeneral

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  1. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    Hi all,

    I decided to leave Apple for my phone and move to Andriod, specifically the Nexus 4. I just ordered two and they arrived at my house the other day, April 29. I was online reading and about to open my phone when I read something about Google's I/O event. Coming from Apple I always new about product life and when to buy but I never thought to look into Google for this.

    Because of the 15 day return policy I am tempted to return my phones and wait or the announcement mid- May. For all you who have followed Google in the past, if they introduce an upgrade to the Nexus 4, like they did the 7, would the phone usually be ready for sale the day following the event or not until the fall?



  2. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Well-Known Member

    There not gonna announce a "new" nexus. Odds are it will be the same nexus 4 but in a cdma model with a lte radio and maybe in 32gb. If your on a gsm carrier its not gonna matter. The new nexus 5 wont come out until fall thats usually how google does things. The nexus s came out first then a few months later they released the s4g. The big thing at google i/o will be android 5.0 which the nexus 4 will recieve.
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  3. SquirrelNuts

    SquirrelNuts Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nah, I wouldn't wait. Unless you want a contract, you want the GSM model anyway. And, like said above, it will ~6 months before Nexus 5 rolls out. Nexus 4 will get Android updates for 18 months I think.

    Enjoy your new found screen size :D
  4. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    LTE radio? Are they planning on installing a bigger battery?
  5. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    As for the 32 GB, is there any news that they will discontinue the 8GB and move the 16GB to the $299 marker?

    Again, I'm pretty new to the Google world of phones so I'm just trying to ice people's brains to get some insight.

  6. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    Thanks for the info.
  7. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    The posters above are doubtless better informed than me .. but I think I'd be tempted to return the phones and wait to see what gets announced. I don't expect them to announce the N5, however, even though I manage fine with 16GB, having 32GB would be nice .. if that's what gets announced.

    Of course, that would mean going back to your iPhone for a couple of weeks ;)
  8. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    Historically when they upgrade GB is the phone usually immediately available or is there time in between the announcement and the official sale?

  9. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    There has been nothing remotely official from Google indicating that there is going to be any changes announced regarding the Nexus 4. IMHO a 32GB model is a highly unlikely and LTE only slightly less so. Probably no new Nexus phone until this fall. After all, the N4 is only 6 months old.

    So what? The Nexus 4 is a great phone and will get updates for a long time. You already have 2. Quit stressing over what might be next and enjoy them. If and when a new Nexus comes out, if ya gotta have it you can sell the N4 and upgrade cheap.
  10. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    I believe there's normally some time between announcements and release - I certainly knew about the N4 long before it was available to buy. Might be an issue .. should you decide to ignore the advice of the other, much better informed posters :)
  11. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I would be surprised if there wasn't a Nexus 5 (or whatever it will be called) announced at some point and released in Q4.
  12. Cfs123

    Cfs123 Member

    Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it. Not stressing over a phone though, just figured a two week wait for a possible upgrade seemed logical. I'm used to the Apple product life cycle scene and new to this one.
  13. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Well-Known Member


    Not official from google but id say alot better than highly unlikely not......

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