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  1. Admire(er)

    Admire(er) New Member

    I have recently bought the new Samsung Admire (Metro PCS) and have yet to receive a 3G signal. I have been reading up on this online and have come across several blogs about people "rooting" their phones to somehow update the PRL number of 03019 to 03022. I am completely new to this sort of thing and was wondering if there was some way someone could guide me in the direction of doing so.
    Also, when I first took this phone home, I noticed that the battery life was VERY bad - but have again read articles online to help with that and I believe by following some of the steps pointed out to increase battery life, I have done just that. I was wondering also if not having data enabled would cause me to have no signal.. I am able to make phone calls and send/receive text messages, but cannot browse the Web (Opera Mini). I usually have low signal at my job, so maybe today was just one of those non-signal days. But not having data enabled has definitely increased my battery life by a long shot. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated!

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!

    I've moved your post over here so you can get expert help from other Admire users. :)

    Yes - mobile data is another name for 3G, so if you have disabled, you will save battery life (3G radio does usually consume a bit of juice, doesn't matter the phone brand) - but you won't see a 3G signal in that case, it's turned off.

    ^That's assuming I'm understanding your question, if not, that's on me, not you - I don't have your particular model to check out.

    Typically, PRL is something you can update yourself without rooting - depending on the Android model, it's under homescreen -> Menu -> Settings -> and then from there, perhaps an Update option or About Phone, both towards the bottom of the menu you'll find there.

    Best luck, hope this helps, if you - any of you cats hereabouts - need help with stuff in particular, especially the forums, feel free to drop me a line, my door's always open. :) ;)
  3. crono209

    crono209 Well-Known Member

    I was once like u who didn't know much about adroid phones at all and eventually ending up bricking(phone gets stuck on a screen when starting up) my first android phone trying to get it rooted. And about the data enable/disable setting, data is basically a phones term of internet so u turn it off u wont be able to browse the net. But it will make ur battery life better. To flash prl u need a program called QPST which allows to program your phone. Sorry I can't guide you through but I'm just giving you some tips. Finding information on how to use QPST is hard to find will atleast for me.
  4. locklady

    locklady Active Member

  5. GJC

    GJC Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a rooted phone. On last Sunday 10-01-11 I updated my PRL version from 3018 to 3019 dialing *228 option 5 at the voice prompt from MetroPCS "programming". It updated my phone to 3019 but on Sunday and Monday I still have 1x signal. Today I went to work in Miami Gardens area Dade County Florida and to my surprise a I was getting 3G everywhere except when I got to a friend's home (Little Havana) that do not have good MetroPCS signal reception (about one bar) and it changed to 1x inside his home but back to 3G outside his home. I checked my phone status (about phone menu) and another surprise my phone was updated to 3023 alone (I did not updated myself). What happened? I do not know but seems to me that MetroPCS is updating the PRL on the phones now.
  6. DarkFalcon

    DarkFalcon Active Member

    I still have the 3022 and I have been using it on 3G and 1X networks pretty consistently lately. I am not sure how the PRL was updated without a call to *228 or using QPST.

    Can a carrier send a PRL uninitiated?
  7. GJC

    GJC Well-Known Member

    Well, I do not know how my Admire was updated to 3023 for sure wasn't me. Now, Is it legal for a carrier to update or install files in your phone w/o owners permission ? Maybe when we dial *228 we are given permission to the carrier to snoop in w/o our knowledge, I don't know really but wouldn't it be chilling ?
  8. DarkFalcon

    DarkFalcon Active Member

    I now know what you mean. Metro pushed 3024 to my phone and I have not called *228 in weeks. :)

    The good news is that 3024 is faster and more reliable in my experience.

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