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New to Android and already HTC Hero Soft Keyboard Problems :( Please help!!

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  1. gooner rich

    gooner rich Member

    Hi everyone,

    New to forums and new to Android!!

    Got myself a Hero about a month ago and came across this forum around the same time. Loads of good tips on starting out, essential apps to download and cool stuff on customising my phone. Thank you all for the great tips :)

    I would've been happy as a passive forum user and keeping up with other's posts but my Hero has recently developed a problem, prompting me to sign up and get some advice from you guys who have more experience.

    Basically in the last couple of days my soft keyboard has randomly decided to change how it displays and works! 3 main problems:
    - sometimes soft keyboard does not go into landscape mode when phone is orientated (seen suggestions on here of calibrating keyboard and installing bubble and running the bubble clibration: tried both of these but has not solved problem).
    - when phone does decide to let me in landscape mode no text is displayed as you type....only when you switch back to portrait do you see what you have typed
    - when in text message mode the predictive text box has moved and is now being overlayed on the text message body, so basically i cannot see what i am typing!!! :mad: (the predictive text box used to be displayed above the text message body). This problem is the most annoying out of the two!!!

    I've tried searching on the forum for the right place to post this but still dont know my way around (I know what you're thinking: bl**dy noob!), please advise! I have not seen any similar posts, hope I am not the first to encounter the problem!! Please help, I love my new phone but this is really doing my loaf in!!



  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi Rich, and welcome!

    What's the build number displayed in Settings-About phone?
  3. gooner rich

    gooner rich Member

    Hi Slug,

    Currently running with Firmware version 1.5, Build number

  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I suggest that you try a factory reset (after backing up anything in internal memory that you want to keep). That often fixes this sort of problem.
  5. gooner rich

    gooner rich Member

    Hoping you weren't going to say that. Are there no other options...would do factory reset as last resort due to the 'pain-in-the-ass' factor!
    Another question, if factory reset is the only way are there any newer build versions that are worth installing instead of the factory settings?
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I hear ya, but it is honestly the best option for weird problems like this that develop over time.

    There's a more recent version available from the HTC support site. I'm not sure if Google have updated the Market to recognise this one yet, so you may temporarily lose access to paid apps if you update.
  7. gooner rich

    gooner rich Member

    Thanks again Slug, cant praise this site and members enough for advice and tips. :)

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