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  1. pandj

    pandj Member

    I like to know if there are any Apps i need to get for my new HTC Desire HD im new to Android phones and need a little help ! what do i need to do and what do i need to know .I'm in Australia so help from all over the world is fine but also help from australia..

    cheers Peter

  2. Declan325

    Declan325 Active Member

    Hi Peter

    I'm also in Australia. What carrier are you with? Did you buy the phone out right or on a plan? Here are some apps i have so far which i like

    App Protector:
    Allows you to have a motion to unlock certain apps. I like the setting that allows you to have a unlock for say facebook and sms but if you unlock sms it won't ask you for the unlock for facebook unless you lock the phone first.

    Brightness Profiles:
    Allows you to set preset brightness levels, the auto brightness chews through your battery so this really helps

    SMS popup:
    Lets you set your sms notification to turn the screen on when you get a message.
  3. pandj

    pandj Member

    hi declan
    i got my HTD desire with Vodafone , on a handset only plan as i have a contract with Vodafone already they did me a great deal $25 for 24 month for the handset only .So it cost me only $600 .
    i just have to wait till next week to get it unlocked for free with Vodafone
  4. Declan325

    Declan325 Active Member

    Nice one. I bought mine outright and am using optus at the moment. My contract is almost over but i'm unsure as to whether i'll go with optus again or vodafone. It seems as if the mobile data settings on optus aren't getting along with the desire HD to well. I have tweaked with the settings which has helped but its just not as good as i would like it to be. I just bought a vodafone prepaid sim with 500mb of data so i'll see what its like and might make the switch.
  5. pandj

    pandj Member

    well i pay $79 and get 2 gb and $800 of calls and free sms and MMS to anywhere in the world .I'm in the country and i cant get optus but Vodafone works good here on the Desire HD , but when i use my sim in my wife's iphone 3gs i cant make any calls

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