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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by philbert81, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. philbert81

    philbert81 New Member

    Dec 2, 2010
    Hello, I am new to android. I had a Blackberry Storm 2 and was one year through my 2 year contract. I was getting tired of my storm and wanted a change. Verizon sell some certified used devises for cheep and I could only afford the droid eris. It was 169.99 for a like new refurbished model. the droid one was 260, so I bought the eris, and I am loving it so far.
    My question is that my web-browser seems to be slower then others. I have tested it with the droid, and it seems to be faster. For example when I try to load the Engadget website it hangs up and has problems loading the webpage. It takes as long as my storm did. What is wrong? is there something that I can do to make it faster?
    Also if you have any other tips for a newbie I would appreciate it.

    Thank You.

  2. thrawn86

    thrawn86 Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2010
    droid is a more powerful device first of all, so there is that.

    personally, I use a lightweight browser like opera mini or xscope (since the eris is so underpowered) plus opera turbo mode to compensate for the difference. another opera feature I use to compensate for a lower phone is mobilizer support, which re renders the page into a mobile friendly viewing mode.

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