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  1. Bounder2003

    Bounder2003 New Member

    Bought TF300t for wife who wants slot apps loaded. Seems like all have a thing called 'permissions' that will provide info from the device to someone. Not interested in doing that. Want app to be stand alone. Is that possible?
    Set up 2 email accounts, gmail because google required it, and comcast as another user on my account. People 'group' works on gmail but not comcast. What's wrong?
    Finally, helping her today and ended up with 2 email icons on screen and can't get second one to go away. There's no 'x' to close.

  2. Bounder2003

    Bounder2003 New Member

    Woke up this morning and remembered the Android book said to delete an icon drag it up to the center of the tablet and the word 'delete' will appear. Then delete.
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