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  1. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Active Member


    Just getting a Wildfire as an upgrade.:)

    Am upgrading from a Nokia 6220 sarmtphone and need some help? I have decided the extra apps I need. ie file mamanger, safe etc
    But how do I download them onto my PC? With my Nokia I would download onto my PC then copy onto the SD card then install.

    But looking at the Apps section on this site I cannot find a way to download the APK file? :confused:

    Thanking You In Advance

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Loading and installing from market directly to your phone.
    The app 'Market' is always in your phone :)


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  3. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Active Member

    Will try!


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