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  1. blasteryui

    blasteryui Active Member

    Hey guys.. so I left my iphone 3gs tonight, and got a Milestone XT701, I'm new to rooting, I don't even know what that is.. I was big into jailbreak and the whole scene with iphone, so I'm trying to adjust to Android. Anyways how do I root, and overclock my phone so it's faster? I also want to change the keyboard on this, since it's garbage. And finally, my phone is a milestone, but a newer one, do I still follow and do the same setup for a regular milestone on my phone? Thanks again guys.

  2. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    Slide It for a onscreen keyboard is awesome! Rooting is the same as jailbreak for iphone.. you've made a wise decision to scrap apple and welcome to the awesome world of android!
  3. blasteryui

    blasteryui Active Member

    Okay thanks. How do i root my phone? After i root it how do i overclock it and what other things shoukd i do?

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