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  1. Monstruo

    Monstruo Member

    Well, i just recently noticed my contract is about to come to its upgrade period and i did some research on what phones to buy. (Sprint carrier if you're wondering.)

    I decided that I'm going to buy an Android phone, specifically the new LG Optimus S, my questions are:

    I've read that the phone has a 600mhz processor, is it a good processor?
    Can i run games on it?
    Does it run Youtube HQ?
    Would you recommend it?

    By the way, i have a Samsung Instinct 1st Gen, so I'm not too familiar with good smart phones. My phone pretty much sucks, so I'm worried every other phone will be alike.

    If i get any answered please don't be surprised if i ask one last question, I'm pretty new at all this technology.

  2. Depends on what you want to do with it. Its not the best, and not the worst.


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  3. Monstruo

    Monstruo Member

    You people are fast at answering!

    I'm also boggled about the accelerometer, does it even have one? I can't find it in any review.

    Last question:
    Should i wait for Black Friday, i saw that Best Buy is going to have the phone for $1, does this apply to people upgrading the phone?

    My entire family is getting this phone, so it would save us $147. :D
  4. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    It's an excellent phone. Not a bad idea to wait for the sale. Maybe go to Radio Shack and find out if it's free right now. Last when I bought mine, the sales guy showed me the sales tag showing it free until 11/27.
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  5. Monstruo

    Monstruo Member

    Sounds great, I'll check Radio Shack later this week. :)
  6. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    I got mine at Radio Shack for free. Yes it has accelerometer. It only has a 600mhz processor but it is fast and I heard it out performs the Transforms 800mhz. It's my 3rd Android and by far my favorite. You won't be disappointed! :)
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