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  1. automaddux

    automaddux New Member

    I've owned my Eris for about 2 months and I'm in love. Before that, I had a Blackberry Storm... for about three months. it was almost as bad an experience with a phone as with the Blackberry Curve. Nothing worked as it was advertised and the market was terrible. Thanks for making a great product.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums!

    Enjoy your stay, and look in on the HTC Droid Eris forum while you're here. :)
  3. bigdroid

    bigdroid Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!!
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Welcome to the AF forums and enjoy your visits !! :cool:
  5. mrjam3s

    mrjam3s Well-Known Member

    I, too, am a former storm user.

    Welcome aboard!
  6. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Yeah the storm was a terrible phone.
    Welcome to Android Forums!!!

    Before you begin, check out the rules here

    If you need help with something, feel free to ask, but to keep the forum efficient and smooth running, please look for the appropriate thread as most concerns have been answered already!

    Also, if you asked a question here, after SEARCHING for your solution, post it in an appropriate forum, and it will get answered. Questions in the introduction forum don't get answered, generally.

    There is plenty to do here at Androidforums.com, Stop by the Forum Games Section and play around, or do some politics debating in the lounge! Hope your here to stay, and see you in the forums!


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