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  1. dparky

    dparky New Member


    I'm new ..... like so new I only just got the phone yesterday ..... and somehow I have lost the home icon from mt ADW dock at the bottom of my main screen ...... I cant get in to my home files etc as a result.

    Complete nightmare!!!!!!!

    Anybody got any clues or help ....... it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    I think I dragged it down when trying to get in to the phone or anadvertantly dragged it in to another icon in the dock. Hope this helps.

  2. BrNoMen

    BrNoMen Member

    Just keep pressed where the home icon was supposed to be, and the chose app drawer as aplication. I haven't used adw before but i guess is like that... if not, then go to the market (I suposed you have it on desktop) and download it again, or some other launcher, like launcher pro.
  3. dparky

    dparky New Member

    Thanks for the reply but that never worked. Cheers in any case.
  4. BrNoMen

    BrNoMen Member

    The actual sequence is
    -> Long press home screen
    -> Custom Shortcut
    -> Pick your activity
    -> Launcher Actions
    -> Open Close App Drawer
    -> OK
    (i have just google it ahaha ) :D That should work!!! :p
  5. dparky

    dparky New Member

    1st class ..... that worked a treat ..... thank you very much.

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