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  1. Tempest795

    Tempest795 Member

    I am a newbie I guess u can call me my uncle has the Samsung fascinate he loves it so I went and bought it Cuzco I was in need of a new phone so I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on apps I should get or whatever can ya help me out it would be super appreciated

  2. Tempest795

    Tempest795 Member

    Hey guys need some help if u have any suggestions of Apps or themes or launchers
  3. nunyazz

    nunyazz Well-Known Member

  4. Tempest795

    Tempest795 Member

    A big thank u!!!!!!! Helped a lot
  5. zoozoozoe

    zoozoozoe New Member

    I just got my fascinate and I was wondering if it had a flash player and If you can switch Bing to Google. Please help:)

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