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New to forum, just checking in

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  1. turbocoop

    turbocoop New Member

    I spend most of my time on automotive forums, but since I am the proud new owner of an Acer A100 and A200 I figured I could learn a lot here.

    The A200 was a gift from my girlfriend, got a refurbished one from Walmart for $199 (plus the 2 yr protection plan for $25, was that a good idea?). It hasnt arrived yet, should be here tomorrow or the next day. I also bought a broken A100 on craigslist for $30- the LCD is cracked but the digitizer looks OK, brand new in the box with original packaging and everything. Im about to order the LCD screen on Ebay for $60 from a seller here in the US. Has anyone had any experience replacing one? Any tips from someone who has torn one apart? I couldnt find a good DIY on it...

    The A200 will be used for web surfing with WiFi only, and to watch movies and stuff occasionally... Im going to Afghanistan in January and it will be easier to haul around than a laptop. Was this model a good choice for what I will be using it for?

    I have big plans for the A100, Im gonna be integrating it into my car's dash and using it as a GPS, media player, possibly backup cam if I can figure out how to do that.... More info will come as I get into it, but first I have to get the screen working ;)

    I havent started to research ICS and what all it can do yet, so I hope to learn a lot from the experts on this forum. Thanks Guys

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome to the forums turbocoop, glad to have you here :D

    Unfortunately i have never dealt with DIY for an Acer A100 or A200 for that matter haha.

    But i will happily move your thread to the General Discussion in the Android Lounge so maybe someone could offer you some assistance :)

    Thanks again for joining!
  3. turbocoop

    turbocoop New Member

    Thanks... I didnt look around first, now i realize this is mostly for andriod phones and not tablets, hopefully someone can help me out anyway
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    We offer both Phone and Tablet assistance, it just solely depends who is on if they will be able to help you or not :)

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