New to HTC & Android but am an Apple User!

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  1. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    So I realize being an Apple user, I may be frowned upon around here but deal with it! I'm even typing on this forum using a MacBook Pro :D

    Here is my deal, I am an AT&T user but never been an iPhone user. I can say, if I wasn't stuck in a 2 yr contract with my LG VU, I probably would have gotten the 3Gs, perhaps that was a blessing in disguise.

    Now that I am eligible for an upgrade this Android OS paired with HTC Sense UI if very intriguing, especially with the all the iPhone 4 and iOS4 issues. I have plenty of friends with the i4 and yes, it looks sexy and seems to run nicely. However, more than my love for Apple products is my love for something that works the way it should. From my research over the past 10 days or so, Android OS w/ HTC Sense UI seems to offer much more than iOS4 can.

    Obviously, as some have stated here already, us AT&T users kind of have to "settle" on the Aria considering AT&T doesn't have any other HTC Android devices (and God knows I'm not about to buy a Windows Mobile phone! haha). The Aria seems like a pretty solid device though, no YouTube reviewer has had anything negative to say about it and most users seem fairly happy with it.

    I went to Best Buy to get a close look at HTC's phones (Evo, Inc and Aria) and then went to AT&T to play with a working version of the Aria. Sure it's smaller than the other two, but I liked what the Aria had to offer. The Evo has a nice, "oh look at me" factor but the extra $10/mo for 4G service which is not even available in Nashville yet, is just bogus. The Inc, well, Verizon is was to expensive and honestly the Inc's design just wasn't doing it for me.

    So, here I am, about the pull the trigger on the Aria, and then I find out about the Samsung Captivate coming this Sunday. Watching YouTube reviews and unboxing's it looks like a nice piece! Now, I can't say that I'm as impressed with Samsungs UI as I am with HTC Sense but the Captivate has caught my attention.

    Convince me Aria and Android fans!!! Or should I wait for a future HTC release on AT&T (is there one coming??) and suffer with my LG VU for 6 more months?

  2. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    We shouldn't be convincing you, the phone should. I personally love the Aria which is obvious by my posts. However I would never advise someone to get the phone based on my wants/likes. The phone rocks no doubt, however phones aren't a 1 size fits all. You should definitely at least hold off till the Captivate comes so you can take it for a test drive. After the Captivate there's supposedly the Dell Streak coming out(but it's HUGE!). Beyond that we have no real prospects so I'm not so sure about holding off for a better HTC device.

    Whatever you choose, make sure it's right for you. Read up on the other posts if you haven't already and you'll get an idea of people's opinions.
  3. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    yeah, I've been reading these forums for a few days now. I've noticed you are infatuated with the Aria! haha. I think I like it but the hardware and screen on the Captivate seems killer. Maybe it's just me working an in industry where I'm surrounded with iPhones and I want something that will turn their heads, ha! The Aria is sweet and I think I would be very happy with it, but I know the iSheep wouldn't give it their time of day given it's "size". That's male competition for ya though, everyone wants the biggest one. Ultimately, I can't let that make the choice for me. I'm nervous the 4" screen will be too bulky in my pocket but that Super Amoled display is so sweet looking.

    How about I get the Captivate and have one of you Driodians re-flash it with HTC Sense UI! hahaha.
  4. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    It might be just me... but the 4" screen would be amazing for the first month, and for the remaining 23 it would get in the way. if you wear baggy pants the 4"+ screens will fit ok in your pants, if you wear flat straight cuts like i do the 4"+ screens bulge out like no other.

    you Could always get a captivate and try it out. if you don't like the captivate return it in 30 days and get the aria.
  5. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    I wear moderately baggy jeans and I still don't like the bigger phones. The Aria is fantastic size wise for me. The screen is extremely manageable, text is clear, pictures are sharp and typing isn't hard at all.
  6. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    haha, that could be true! I wear Levis 527's moderately tight in the thigh. That's what I'm kind of worried about, the phone being too large to fit comfortably in pocket. I'm pretty anal when it comes to my pockets, I can't stand anything more than a cell in the left and keys in the right, MAYBE a tube of chapstick.

    I don't know but that Captivate would certainly draw the attention of my iPhone buddies here in the studio! I'm honestly considering using my upgrade on the iPhone and selling it on ebay for at-least $700 and buy the Captivate or Aria out right.

    I'M SO CONFUSED! I just want an awesome phone for once, my LG VU wasn't even cool when I got it (thanks to the iPhone).
  7. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    lol im the same way... except even keys bug me sometimes :p

    Buying the Iphone outright and selling it is definitely doable... if you go that rout though you also have the option of getting a Nexus one which is a nice imbetween size (3.7") and very sleek. A friend of mine has one and its a sweet phone. The nexus one is also googles pet so it gets updates quicker then any other android phone out there
  8. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    AT $550 though, that's a little much for me to spend on a phone. It is a sleek looking device though.
  9. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    oh i meant if you got the IPhone 4 on contract price sold it and got the nexus one with the $700 or so you got from the iphone. I would rather get the nexus one instead of the captivate if your going to buy them outright
  10. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    I'M PISSED!!!

    So I decided not to do the iPhone mess because I would have to wait 7-14days to get it. I call my local Best Buy to see if they would price match an online price on the Aria. Sure enough they would (but they wouldn't do .01 or FREE) I got them down to $49.99 on it.

    I tell them my official upgrade isn't until next Wednesday and if they thought it would be possible to make it happen today. They tell me, "shouldn't be an issue, it's only a few days. We'll call AT&T and have them move it up" so I'm like "Sweet, I'll come by in an hour or so".

    So there we are, the Aria out of the box waiting for me to turn it on and take it home. We pull up my account and yes, my upgrade day is next Wednesday. I call AT&T and politely let them know I'm in the process of signing a new 2yr contract and trying to upgrade my phone.
    I say: "My upgrade date isn't technically until next Wednesday but is there any possible way to move it up to today?"
    AT&T says: "Are you at an AT&T store?"
    I say: "No, I'm actually at Best Buy"
    AT&T says: "Which phone are you looking at upgrading to?"
    I say: "The HTC Aria"
    AT&T says: "OK, well hold on for 2 minutes"
    I say: "Sure" Thinking she's going to get managers approval and everything is good!
    AT&T says: "Well, what we can do for you is sell you the Aria over the phone right now and get you the upgrade or you can go to an AT&T store and do it"
    I say: "I'm already in the middle of doing this at Best Buy and just need my upgrade date moved 5 days"
    AT&T says: "You'll have to go to an AT&T store to do that, there is no way for me to do that for you"
    I say: "Yes, well I'm at Best Buy because they are willing to price match the phone for me, I want to buy it here"
    AT&T says: "Let me see how much we sell it for"
    I say: "$129"
    AT&T says: "yeah, that's right. We can't price match anything but we can upgrade you at the AT&T store"
    I say: "I don't want to pay $129 when I can get it price matched here. Can we please move my upgrade date?"
    AT&T says: "I'm sorry, there is no way for me to change the date in the system"
    I say: "Why is that, because I'm buying from Best Buy and not an AT&T store?"
    AT&T says: "No, it's just not possible to change"
    I say: "Absolutely no way it's possible to make this happen for me?"
    AT&T says: "No, you will just have to wait"
    I say: "Yeah, alright. I really appreciate all your help" (VERY SARCASTICALLY) and hang up.

    FREAKIN' LAME T&T!!! I should be Droid right now!!!
  11. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    wow thats kinda lame
  12. rlb4

    rlb4 Well-Known Member

    AT&T says: "I'm sorry, there is no way for me to change the date in the system"
    I say: "Why is that, because I'm buying from Best Buy and not an AT&T store?"
    AT&T says: "No, it's just not possible to change"

    So how could they do it if you went to an ATT store if "it's just not possible to change"?
  13. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Exactly!! Because I was at Best Buy getting a hell of a better price!
  14. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    3 more days!!!!
  15. thx10538

    thx10538 Active Member

    I am stuck in this same predicament. I can't upgrade till the winter, so I'm just salivating between the Aria and the Captivate.

    Pros of Aria:
    Small Size, Sense UI, HTC Build Quailty/Reputation, Awesome Yellow Interior
    Small size, weaker processor, may not be Gingerbread compatible, essentially a DROID ERIS or HTC Hero, so a year old phone, no Swype preloaded, have to jump through hoops to get it

    Pros of Captivate:
    4" Super AMOLED screen, super thin design, more easily rooted/Launcher Pro looks really nice on it, Swype pre-loaded, no need to get around sideloading ban for that
    Cons of captivate:
    Plasticky design, stock TouchWiz 3.0 not my cup of tea, apparently has some "death-grip" issues

    I just don't know what to do. It seems the Captivate is generating more buzz cause of the stronger hardware, but the Aria has it's passionate lovers.

    Hopefully a bigger HTC will come out on AT&T before the year end, but I doubt it
  16. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

  17. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Aria! Good to have ya here! :)
  18. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I love it so far!!! Best Buy also says they should have cases for it tomorrow!

    Now, how in the world do you CLOSE/END applications from running (w/o ATK)? I'm used to phones that had a End Call buttom that also quit applications from running even in the background.
  19. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    You don't. Android manages the memory and kills idle applications as needed.
  20. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Hummm...I don't know if I like that. How bad is it to use ATK?
  21. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    Ok data plan question...if I have the "Mobile" widget OFF I'm not and there is no way to be using data right?
  22. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if turning off mobile net kills background data apps as well.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  23. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Task killers can mess programs up, it's not a good idea to use them. Android is exceptional at memory management, it's not really something you should worry about.

    That's correct, your data is now off. It won't background sync or anything.

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