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    I just picked up what i THINK is a: Kindle Fire HD 7" 2nd gen. It shows 12.2GB in storage, and when i
    Pull down the notification bar and hit> More>Device>About - This is what it says:
    "System Version : Current Version 7.5.1_user_51700200
    Serial Number: D025 A0A0 2356 05LS
    Wifi MAC address: [BLANK]
    Bluetooth MAC address: [BLANK]"


    It has "MODEL No. X43Z60" written on the back in the bottom center under the Amazon logo. I did research and believe its the Kindle Fire HD 7" 2nd Generation.
    Is that correct? I dont know Kindle's at ALL. This is my first tablet i only bought it because it was a good deal.

    I read a few things about the Kindle online, I can keep the stock OS and ROOT it, or I can do what I really want to do, which is, I want to put Android OS on it.

    Ive never done this before, and i see ALOT of info about it. Basically, im sure there is already a thread online that will tell me everything i need with download file resources.... Im asking, can someone direct me to a link, with everything i will need to do this? With or without a FastBoot Factory cable? (I ordered one yesterday it should be here in a week). I want a stable version of the Android OS, something in the 4.x series.

    I dont care if its the stock rom, or a custom rom, preferibly a debloated custom rom made to run great, without any bugs or anything.... Im confused by everything going on, its alot to take in when your not up to date and following whats been going on.

    Thanks everyone!


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