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  1. bixler777

    bixler777 Well-Known Member

    hi everyone. i'm new to the Maxx, having come from the Droid Inc 2. had zero problems with the later: stable, smooth/fluid, no freezing/shut downs, etc. just got the Maxx last week, and...

    last night the screen would NOT respond to the touch. the BOTTOM phone buttons (search, back, home, and settings) WOULD work, but the on/off button, and physical screen would not.

    no matter where i touched on the screen, nuttin would happen. i kept trying to do SOMETHING to get it unfrozen, but to no avail. finally returned to phone an hour later, found that the screen had gone into sleep mode, pressed the on/off button, and alas, everything back to normal.

    but now twice this morning i've had screen 'lags', where it would 'lazily' respond to left/right swiping, or would sluggishly respond to other requests....and it had not done this prior to now either.

    anyone else having screen freezing issues, and if so, what to do? i love this phone otherwise, but obviously i can't use it if this is an inherent problem with this model.

    any help much appreciated.

  2. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Well-Known Member

    I have had the maxx since march 6th. I have had very little problems with this amazing phone. There have been a couple times where my screen has stopped responding. I just pressed the power button to turn off the screen and lock the phone then press it again. Once it was back up after sliding to unlock everything was back to normal. I have only had two freeze situations where I had to hard reset(equivalent to a battery pull) which is achieved by holding PWR & Vol- until the phone turns off. It will reboot itself and should be back to normal. If it happens often, I would check your apps. You may have a rogue app that is causing instability. I also use App Cache Cleaner every now and then.
  3. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    I would first do a factory reset, and see if perhaps it is a third party app that's doing it.
  4. bixler777

    bixler777 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the response.

    question: 'power and vol'....up, or down with the vol?
  5. thisisnascar

    thisisnascar Well-Known Member

    Power and volume down buttons together for 12-15 seconds or until you see it do something.
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