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  1. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    New to this forum but not new to Android forums, also have a Casio Commando. Time for a new phone, my Commando was not 4g and had a smaller display, had that not been the case I would have stayed with it. The Casio is rugged, felt great in the hand and nothing I've had came close to earpiece quality. I bought 2 razr m, returned mine and my wife kept hers, it was not very good for outdoor viewing. I've had the Maxx for a few days, even though it only has a 1.2 processor it's plenty fast, outdoor viewing is better than the M but could have a brighter display, especially for map use. The Maxx fits pretty well in my hand and phone calls are pretty decent. I looked at almost everything on Verizon's market and found nothing that had everything I was looking for, but the Maxx came closest to my needs, comfort, display size and call quality. It came down to a choice between this and the SG3, that was bigger than I wanted and felt a bit chinsey. I'm happy with my choice.
    If anyone can help, I need a skin, not a slick one but one with more of a rubbery feel, I've had them before just don't remember where to get it, you can see just so much from an online picture, also a bit larger horizontal belt pouch to accommodate the phone and skin.

  2. emmzone22

    emmzone22 Well-Known Member

    I bought one for my Razr at a Verizon store. They had both, a slick one and the kind you're wanting. From their website, I couldn't tell which one was which by description, so I went there in person to get the right one. I love mine which I'm sure is the one you're talking about
  3. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Emmzone, think I will stop by Verizon. I did see 2 that looked the same on their site, $4.98 and &$ 14.98.

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