New to ROMs.... Stuck in bootloop

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  1. Jmick363

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    short version: used MIUI ROM, stuck on "xiaomi. com" bootloop.

    I just rooted my phone for the first time a few days ago using Revolutionary. This is the first android phone I've ever used. I used this [Complete Guide] How To Flash A Custom ROM To Your Android Phone With ROM Manager + Full Backup & Restore tutorial to figure out what I was doing. I know it's a little outdated but I figured it was the same deal. I downloaded ROM Manager, and then went to the rom download section and downloaded this: MIUI ROM 2.3.23 ROMS [ICS]. At least I'm 95% sure that's what it was. I hit install from sdcard or whatever it is, and I selected the ROM I downloaded. I only selected to clear the Delvak cache, because it was already selected (I made a backup earlier in the day) and my phone restarted. It went to the HTC Screen, then a screen that said "xiaomi. com", and then the HTC screen again. I think after about 7 minutes, I gave up and took out the battery. I tried all sorts of different things to no avail. At the moment, I'm using ClockWork Recovery Mod to do a restore, hoping this fixes it. I guess I'm just not cut out to use ROMs, so If I can get my phone to WORK gain, I'll probably just give up. If anyone can help me get back to normal... I would be very grateful. Thank you so much.

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    The same issue i m facing bro.I went to post a thread but dont have sufficient rights to post.:( Somebody helppp.
  3. SaMKan3

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  4. maa123

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    When stuck in a bootloop I had to use a RUU executable file to to get my phone working again. For me (in France), it was :


    So I get my phone working again. Good luck.

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