new to root but got problem dont know whats this !

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  1. a_amir1986

    a_amir1986 Member

    Guys i'm very new user of smart phone i have HTC Wildfire i read about root soo tryed it
    i have done these steps for rooting and for custom rom

    1- got z4root from google play and rooted my HTC Wildfire
    2- then got Root cheker from google play and chked is my HTC rooted or not so it showed ur phone is rooted
    3- got Rom Manager From google play and downloaded cynogenmod then istallation started itself went HTC on boot menu itself n was showing "updating version. . . " i was waiting for reeboot,, it tooks reboot but not going further from android reboot screen is still on reboots.

    what can i do ?? tell easy way to recover please !!

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Well, dont use ROM manager, its not great.

    Can you get to recovery? Turn the phone on holding the volume down key. I think its V. down on that phone.
  3. a_amir1986

    a_amir1986 Member

    my problem is solved now...and now m using cm7 cell is rooted but drains battery very fast can anyone guide me for fast and nice Rom for my wildfire
  4. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I suggest you check in with the root people for your Wildfire. That area can be found by following this link:
    Wildfire - All Things Root - Android Forums

    Good luck to you.

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