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  1. KyLeZKooL12

    KyLeZKooL12 Member

    i wanna start rooting my moment. but i have some questions. alot of people say it will speed up my phone, and enhance battery life. i dont see how it would do that if someone knows i would like to understand how. and also, i wanted to know if theres any risk in rooting your phone? and is it legal? thanks.

  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Welcome. I was hesitant to root my phone while I had it active because I didn't want to be inconvenienced with learning it and then dealing with all the issues. But the official ROM got pretty sluggish, to the point where it would take 4-10 seconds just to open up the phone.

    I was only running Launcher Pro and a few other programs so it was not like I was running a bunch of apps on it.

    I rooted and played with zRom using the instructions from here and , and the phone was much faster. But I noticed errors with certain apps like MomentFlash (flashlight app) and email settings, so I reverted back to stock, and then tried out Radioactive FroYo 1.8.22, which seems to be very stable and works great.

    I haven't had a force close yet, and it is fairly fast. The stock ROM is just not optimized, whereas the custom ROM removes a lot of bloatware, and uses a more efficient kernal, so it really is a lot faster and better on the battery too.

    And rooting is legal. With the Moment you can't really mess it up. It's super safe to try to root, and you get a lot more power out of it, including the wireless tethering app that you can use once rooted. Give it a try!

    It's extremely simple to do, and once you've done it once, you'll be able to do it again in your sleep.
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  3. KyLeZKooL12

    KyLeZKooL12 Member

    alrite, thanks for the reply man. i have a mac. but im gonna duel boot windows for this. my moments pretty pointless right now. i only call/ text. but ill trie rooting out. i have one more question will this disable calling/ email/ texting/ market or anything like that? thanks.
  4. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    No it shouldn't limit any of the existing functionality. So enjoy!
  5. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    Rooting alone won't speed the phone up but when you load a custom rom like radioactive or ti-x it will.

    As mentioned it's a relatively safe process. All of us were noobs at it once. ;)

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