New to rooting the Eris? Do *not* install KaosFroyo or Kaos Gingerbread

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  1. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    The subject line says it all - a lot of people new to rooting decide to install KaosFroyo (or Kaos Gingerbread) for some reason, and it is not something that somebody who is new to the process should be doing.

    If you want faster stock, with more space for installing apps, try xtrSENSE instead. [ROM][GPL][3/15/2011] xtrSENSE5.0.1 [cache2cache,apps2sd,oc,jit]-HTC Sense - xda-developers

    If you want stock without the Sense launcher, try xtrROM instead. [ROM][GPL] xtrROM5.0.1 odex,cache2cache,apps2sd,jit,lwp,oc[3/29/2011] - xda-developers

    If you want Froyo, skip that and go straight to Gingerbread instead. I recommend CondemnedSoul's CM7 ROM, since it is a simple one-file flash that includes the Google apps. [ROM] 9/18/11 Condemned CM7 V18.3 (2.3.5) - xda-developers

    If you simply must have Froyo, try CELB Froyo, but note that it requires a second flash of Google apps for Froyo: [ROM][GPL] CELB Froyo 4.4(Plain CM Rom)3-22-11 - xda-developers

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  2. Bob Cat

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    Made this a sticky. This comes up alot.;):)
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  3. doogald

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    By the way, I have nothing but respect for the work of punk.kaos to bring Froyo and Gingerbread to the Eris. In this particular case, however, KaosFroyo has been left in a state that is managed easily enough by people with a lot of experience flashing custom ROMs for the Eris, though I still think that KaosFroyo as it exists now, more than 9 months unimproved, is not worth the fiddling time to get it working well enough to use.

    However, for people new to the process, this is not the right custom ROM to start with.

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