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New to S3, need help with appsGeneral

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  1. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    Hello, as the title says, I am new to the S#, I actually don't get it until tomorrow. I am coming from a droid incredible and it was my first droid phone. I was so excited to have an app phone, that I installed and tried everything and this time around I have decided to try to find apps that combine tasks instead of have 200+ apps. I have been reading up on apps and needs some help. I will be posting a couple more topics like this because I have several different app categories and would rather keep the answers separate.

    First up, are apps that I have an my incredible (or thrive) and I have no idea what they do. So opinions please, should I delete, replace (and with what) or keep?
    Car Panel
    City ID
    Foot prints
    Friend Stream
    voice dialer
    local (this is on my thrive)

    I have tried figuring these out and I am just at a loss for their usefulness and feel like I must be missing something.

  2. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    Alright. Well I don't know anyone who uses daily 200+ apps. And I am not to sure what apps are like two in one. What things do you like to do on your phone, and then I can recommend you the best app for that task.

    City ID - its a service you have that says the name of the city when someone is calling you. I had a free trial on my phone and it went away. Its cool, but not worth paying for.
    Friend Stream - Bloatware - delete
    Peep - Bloatware - delete
    Foot prints - Bloatware -delete
    Skyvi - Siri knock off - Use if you like it.
    Voice dial - Keep if you voice dial
    Latitude - bloatware - delete

    You don't have to use the apps that your phone comes with. Its just on ICS though that we are able to "disable" these apps carriers put on the phone. The Incredible has many apps that you can't delete. You listed a good amount of them.

    Again tell me like tasks you perform or want to do on the phone and I can tell you the best apps.
  3. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    I don't use 200 apps daily, was just commenting on the fact that I didn't want as many apps on my new phone as to do on the old phone.
  4. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    Ok, so part two of the help request:

    I love to be organized. I cannot find an app or combination of apps that work together to get what I want done.

    I currently use google tasks, which I love. My only problem with google task is that when I click repeat, it won't give me an option to customize days. Like on microsoft outlook, I can setup to repeat on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can get around this by creating one task for Mondays and on for Wednedays, but this is a pain, especially if you have more than 2 days a week. It also shows both of them in weekly view, instead of most current one, since it doesn't recognized them as the same.

    My favorite feature of google tasks is that I can make a list, a sub list, and continue breaking projects down into smaller parts. I have tasks list for everything (daily chores, bill reminders, shopping lists, remodeling projects). I can also drag a task from one list to another...like I have a today list and a future project list, I can drag a future projct to today.

    I also use the agenda widget to show all my appointments. I like this because it syncs with google tasks and my calender.

    I don't like the way either of these look and the lack of customizing the colors.

    Is there an app that I can use with Samsung calendar that will allow me to create custom tasks lists like google tasks? I tried the stock calendar and went to the tasks list, but it doesn't allow a repeat task...and I really do like the lists that I can create with google task
  5. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    I think I found an app that sort of does what I want. I just installed 2Do on my phone. I like it so far, still playing with it. I just wish it would sync with calendars I already have, like google or samsung.
  6. exwifeusesiphone

    exwifeusesiphone Well-Known Member

    Try Taskos, it's free and let's you set up repeating tasks that sync with Google Tasks.

    The app supports repeating tasks, but Google doesn't. You can use a repeating calendar event though...
  7. osutuffy

    osutuffy Member

    I think I have fallen in love with 2Do. I got a toodledo account to sync to it, but I don't think I will need it. I haven't had a chance to play with it since I am in school. As soon as I am done with school, I will have more time to play :D

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