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  1. silverado man

    silverado man Member

    Hello everyone.I am new to the Samsung Precedent. My old Motorola Droid finally died and so no way was going to sign another 2 year contract. I picked up the Precedent and was wondering if anyone had any major issues with it? Has anyone travelled much with them? I Drive a truck and usually travel on I-95 from Florida to Maine and was wondering what kind of coverage you guys have especially on the major interstates and the major cities. I am supposed to head up to Maine today so guess i will find out soon.

  2. GArunner

    GArunner Member

    Let us all know about the coverage! I have traveled to several states on the east coast with no coverage problems.
  3. silverado man

    silverado man Member

    I left Springfield on Friday and headed to Lewiston Maine.I used I 95 to New Haven Ct.There i used I 91up to I 84 to I 90 to I495 to I 95 again.The coverage was pretty good.It was spottty in some areas, but so was my old Droid from Verizon. So far i am pleased.Now the battery life in this thing is not that good but thats another thread
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    My only complaints are incompatibility with some apps, terrible camera for barcodes and a slow CPU. Otherwise I-95 from NYC to Fayetteville, NC is pretty good coverage. I prefer a GSM phone when the signal gets spotty, but that's a personal preference - some people prefer the "going digital" of CDMA to the breakup of GSM.

    (Oh, I've flashed the Area51 ROM to get a lot more "RAM" [it uses the SD card as "internal" memory] - I like to keep a lot of apps installed.)

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