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New to Smartphones & Android! Any Advice?General

  1. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm reasonably new to the entire world of smartphones, and very new to the whole Android experience! With that said, please bear with me if I stumble a bit in my infancy! Currently, I have a Motorola Razr V3a and am on the Alltel network. My 2-year contract with them expires in early March of this year and I will be jumping ship to Verizon and joining the Android Nation! Needless to say, I am quite excited and have been browsing the forums ad nauseum!

    In my month or so of extensive smartphone research, I have all but narrowed my selection down to the HTC Droid Eris. It seems to have all that a decent smartphone has to offer - and then some - especially to a newbie like me. However, I have heard and read all about the horror stories of the Eris' 1300mAh stock battery, but I'd probably buy a 1750mAh Seidio extended battery unless I am told otherwise by you more seasoned, well-versed Droidians out there. :)

    It seems as though the new HTC phones are coming thick and fast this year and I am not foolish enough to keep waiting forever for the "next big thing" that's on the horizon. However, I am only human, and remain very enticed to wait for the HTC Passion/Bravo/Dragon (whatever Big Red wants to call it :confused: ) and/or the Nexus One (having heard of a March 23rd date for the N1 to hit Verizon). I'd be more inclined to get the Passion however, as I am a bit wary of getting the N1 and then having no local support should I need it. But are these options "too much" phone for a first timer? Am I getting ahead of myself? Here's a summary of what I have boiled my criteria down to:

    1) I'll be on the Verizon network.
    2) From all that I have read, the Android OS seems to be the future.
    3) I really am liking the HTC line of phones, and everyone seems to love the Sense UI.
    4) A snappy processor would be nice, but I am not one to want to "root" my phone just for the sake of gaining another millisecond or two in speed. I'd just like for it to stay as fast as can be expected over time.
    5) I don't plan on downloading a ton of apps - but I'm sure others have said that before.

    I have been quite impressed with the wealth of knowledge in the forums - you guys rock! My next step now is to hear what all of you have to say and what advice you can dispense with all of your smartphone & Android experience. Is the Eris the best selection for a newbie like me? Any other current HTC phones to consider? Should I wait for the Passion to finally emerge? Would the Nexus One be a good choice? Like I said, I have a month or so before I will take the plunge into your world, and any words of wisdom that you can impart will be greatly appreciated!

    Much thanks to all!

  2. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    If you can wait and want to be on VZW, I'd wait for the Passion/Bravo/Incredible (or what ever they're going call it as you say :) ). It sounds like you don't feel the need for physical keyboard and want the larger screen and faster processor.

    I would imagine we'll hear more info on the next VZW powerDroid by the time your contract is up.

    In regards to the Eris, I just upgraded my wife to one and she LOVES it! She made the statement that it's like her iPod smushed with her BB... only better :D If you want to jump in now, the Eris wouldn't be a bad choice.
  3. Pitamakan

    Pitamakan Well-Known Member

    Heh ... living in Montana, it's not a matter of wanting to be on Verizon; it's more that we don't have all that many choices! At least until AT&T finalizes the purchase of our part of Alttel, Verizon is the ONLY national carrier that sells accounts in our state. :mad:

    Anyhow, I've bee using the Eris up here for a month or so, now, and I've been extremely pleased with the thing. If I were buying a new phone later this spring I'd definitely look hard at the Nexus One, both for its faster processor and better screen ... but still, I'm pretty darn happy with the Eris.
  4. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    Yea, that's the unfortunate part of how the FCC manages the spectrum. For years, my parents only choice in western Nebraska was US Cellular...

    I agree with the Eris. If you WANT to get one now, get the Eris. It's a great phone for a great price. Some people don't want the keyboard of the Moto so it's either the Eris now, or Nexus/Passion/Bravo/Incredible. Personally, I'm waiting for the more powerful touchscreen only droids to drop on VZW. Hopefully my tank phone XV6800 can hold on till then. The keys are really starting to degrade performance wise <--- Another reason to look at all touch phones ;)
  5. coygianni

    coygianni Member

    The eris is a pretty decent phone. it irks me sometimes with lags and battery and the touchscreen is a wee bit cramped.

    I had initially wanted a nexus one but i've heard a lot of horror stories(well not heard) but read alot of the stories about issues they've had.

    I am not sure if it's the nexus one and/or tmo but now im kind of iffy about it

    I think the eris is a good starter android phone for a newbie.
    I was a newbie and had the droid and it was TOO much for me
    although the eris is weaker and not as "cool" it is easier to adjust, learn and master.

    Just get the extended battery
  6. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks a million for all of your input! Sure is nice to have a community like this where one can ask for help - and actually receive top-of-the line assistance to darn near any topic! :D
  7. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Well-Known Member

    The Eris is an amazing phone. Yea sometimes it lags and the battery has its ups and downs with different users but nevertheless still pretty sweet. Sense is awesome and the widgets make the experience much more smooth and friendly. Glad to hear your coming over to Big Red. If you can hold out a little and want a snappy processor you could hold out for the Incredible, which looks like a grown up Eris coming stock with 2.1 and Sense. But if you want to join our little family sooner, jump on board, Eris users are a friendly bunch. Plus we've got OTD on our forums =]
  8. For the price, it can't be beat, but there are or will be better options. The Droid doesn't seem to be one of them, at least on the VZW network.

    Honestly, get the Nexus One when it comes out. It will be the most powerful phone on VZW, save some dark horse phone comes riding through in the next few weeks and obliterates the N1 (not gonna happen).

    See how you like Sense and if you really want or need it. Phones not running Home, like the Moto Cliq on T-Mobile, and the Devour and Eris on VZW, will always get updates last and less frequently. The N1 and the Droid will be first in line.
  9. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Well-Known Member

    Depending on how much they push the Incredible, it might be above the Droid

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