New to smartphones - can I kill data updates but keep the phone on?Support

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  1. sheamurai

    sheamurai Member

    Just trying to extend battery charge time.

    During the work day I want my cellphone to be live, but there's really no need for any messaging or email updates.
    Is there a setting (I've looked all over and I can't find one) where you can shut off the data, but are still able to take/make calls?
    Airplane mode shuts off all external contact, I beleive.


  2. johnnycarrson

    johnnycarrson Member

    You can disable the cell data on your phone by going to the following location:

    Settings --> Wireless & Networks --> Mobile Networks --> Data Enabled

    It should help with battery life, but i would not expect much of a difference....

    Hope this helps
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  3. philoskinner

    philoskinner New Member

    Good info. Thanks
  4. johnnycarrson

    johnnycarrson Member

    I find that the largest drain of my battery is turning on Wifi and leaving it on. There are a few applications what i have experimented with in order to setup network schedules. The best one that i count was "Net Scheduler". It allows you to setup custom scheduled rules for turning on an off all connections. I have a schedule currently created to turn off Wifi when i leave for work for the day and it automatically turns on the Wifi at the time that i get home. I also believe that there is an option for data usage as well.

    **Note** for the record, the best way to save battery life is to leave Wifi off unless you are actively using you phone.
  5. lquify

    lquify Active Member

    try sweetdreams

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