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  1. jjayr41

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    Mar 24, 2010
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    I tried to search but I'm new to Sprint and just got the epic 4g coming from N1 and AT&T. Had a question regarding the 3g icon. Most of time instead of seeing the up and down arrows under the 3g icon, I see a "D" and if I have 4g on I see the 4g logo with the letters "zzz"..what is the "D" and if this means it is idle 3g how can I stop this? Does this mean that my gmail etc does not sync unless I use an application that needs to use data?


  2. Seddy

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    The 'D' you're seeing basically means the data is dormant, or not being used. The same thing goes for the 'zzz' when on 4G. If you're on your homescreen, you'll see the arrows pop up every once in a while to check for new messages and what not, but if you're not using any app that uses data (i.e. browser, email, google talk etc.) the 'D' will pop up. Theres no way to stop it from happening which is also a good thing because if the data services were constantly running your battery would die very quickly. Hope this answers your question.

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