New to tablet world/new to Android/new to middle east...Support

  1. volrath09

    volrath09 New Member

    Hi all...

    Maybe this was due to noobiness and everyone knew that beside me, but i will tell you my story.
    Im from Europe and i was yesterday in Dubai airport looking at tablets. Since im trying to choose one for 3 months i took a look into duty free since my flight got delayed. Between Ipaid air and note 2014 10.1 i went with the note.
    And today my problems started.
    I turned it on, there was some stuff in Arabic and i checked but the language in the settings was in english. I then went into the App area and 50% is in english 50% is in arabic.
    I created a cloud account and received the confirmation e'mail fully in arabic... which basically turns this tablet useless to me

    tried the Samsung support live chat and i got this welcome to tablet world '' dear sir, this is part of middle east Samsung so you will have stuff in arabic yada yada yada, try your contry Samsung ''

    Went into my country Samsung live chat '' we dont give any support to tablets bought into the middle east, check samsung middle east ''

    so my questions are:
    1- am i being a double noob and there+s some easy way to put the table into full english?
    2- nothing to do, send it to trash
    3- the flight was delayed so it was the airline company fault and you should charge them!!!! :)

    kindly help me if you can or know of someone who had the same problem

    PS: this guys on duty free instead of telling people '' ah your from portugal, nice '' they should tell '' well you have to learn arabic to use this crap because no one will help you ''

    ty all

  2. Rockets

    Rockets Member

    I know you can root most tablets and put on the "OEM English software" but have not done it myself, someone else may have more info.
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  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    There shouldn't be any need to root (which may void any warranty you have).

    If you flash the appropriate stock Samsung ROM for your country then you can start again from scratch in your chosen language. There are tutorials all over the net including here that explain how to do this.
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