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New to Tasker - Bluetooth Not Working

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  1. LightAxe

    LightAxe New Member


    I got tasker last night, running on my VZW Toro w/ CM10.1 M2. I'm trying to set up tasks to happen when I connect my Bluetooth headset. I created a profile for Bluetooth connected *, but it is never active. My location-based task to disable PIN security when I'm at my house is working great, but Tasker seems to not see Bluetooth states at all.

    I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this, or if I'm missing something entirely. Thoughts?


  2. LightAxe

    LightAxe New Member

    More information. I discovered the logging facilities and started logging. My NFC Task Launcher app (which kicks off Tasker tasks) generates events and they are logged. My Bluetooth devices being turned on or off don't trigger anything that is logged. I also created a Wifi profile (disable lockscreen when I'm at home) that similarly fails to trigger. It is almost like "State" triggers are being ignored.

  3. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Two thoughts come to mind fwiw

    1-confirm what you see in logs with experiment - make the first action in the bt task popup "hello" ....see if it pops up when you contact bt
    2-.post your profile. (Long-press, export as text)

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