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  1. tsears

    tsears Member This Topic's Starter

    May 31, 2010
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    Just made the switch from iPhone to Android and picked up a HTC Incredible. First thoughts is that it will get some getting used to but for the most part I see great things with this OS (like iphone OS w/ jailbreak) The HTC is snappy although I do see some hiccups when I'm trying to do things real fast. The touch screens seems a bit off to me. Sometimes I miss a button or press the wrong one. I feel compared to the iphone this is the only thing that the incredible lacks.

    Otherwise awesome phone, and only time will tell how it pans out.

    Oh, and if you were wondering why I switched, I use my phone a lot for business and just recently became bombarded with no signals and DROP CALLS! (an insane amount of dropped calls) I know Verizon prides themselves on quality so we'll see how it works out. :cool::cool::cool:


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