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  1. wwyyzzaarrdd

    wwyyzzaarrdd Member

    Hey All this is my first Newer android phone, had the huawei ascend then bought this one for $100 off of craigslist, and i have to say after messing around with it for awhile, it is a great phone, very fast and doesnt lag as much as the ascend did.. i will still be on the ascend forums from time to time, but i think the next thing im going to try is to root the phone...

    thanks for listening and i cant wait to see what this phone can really do

  2. wingnut2626

    wingnut2626 Active Member

    Its a decent phone. Be careful using winamp with btmono if its rooted. Caused a nasty bluetooth bug here.
  3. wwyyzzaarrdd

    wwyyzzaarrdd Member

    is it quicker being rooted?
  4. wingnut2626

    wingnut2626 Active Member

    Can be if you can get a rom that supports overclocking. Havent found any custom roms for this phone. And with the sub-par battery life and heat issues it has at 800 mhz, might want to shy away from overclocking. There are tons of things that superuser access can do for you though.
  5. Menchaca

    Menchaca New Member

    how do i customize? im new to the rooting thing, usually had an iphone. any help is greatly appreciated. thank you

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