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  1. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Not a lot of chatter yet about the new upcoming Toshiba tablet. I found a few interesting articles and videos that I thought I would share with everyone.

    Of course - there is the main website, which many have seen by now, but to be complete I thought I would add:
    Toshiba Tablet

    This article I thought had some good basic details and a neat video.
    [FONT=&quot]Toshiba shows again its 10" Honeycomb tablet with a removable battery and swappable back covers - Phone Arena[/FONT]

    This was a hands on review:
    [FONT=&quot]Hands on: Toshiba tablet review | The Tech Central - Technology News, Latest Gadgets, Latest Reviews & Opinions[/FONT]

    This was just another video I liked about it:

    A couple key points I got from this:
    - WiFi only model will ship first before 3G apparently. Seems great to me.
    - Full size USB host
    - Still has the hardware android buttons, which seem pointless with honeycomb. But I suppose no harm here. Just extra.

    lots of other great points in the above too. If you don't mind waiting a couple more months, I think this *could* be better than the Xoom.

    With this coming soon - should the Toshiba un-named tablet gets its own sub forum?

  2. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's not the new one coming. The new one will be better than that one and better than the folio - not that that will be hard.

    The previous tablets were toshiba dipping their toe in. The new one looks like toshiba dove inall the way.
  3. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Well-Known Member

    I am very excited about this tablet, I think I will be purchasing it and skipping the Xoom.

    The full fledged 2.0 USB host could make it all worth it.

    As to the touch buttons, they may actually get rid of that in the final design, I imagine they made the prototype prior to even knowing what Honeycomb looked like.

    Regardless of if they are there are not, it will be easy to ignore them.

    Overall I have always liked Toshiba's products (except their HDDs, never had luck with them), so I don't doubt their ability to rock the socks off the tablet community especially if all the specs I am seeing are true.

    As to the last comment about the buttons, your second article says they are going to dump the buttons due to the 'certification' process for Android 3.0...

    So that may be just a placeholder until they get honeycomb fully installed, wasn't the demo running 2.2/2.3 in those pics?
  4. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Me too. Of course, this will be my third "this is it" tablet after the Notion ink adam and the Xoom. But at least each time it gets better.

    Yes - the full size ports and the apparent ability of USB host is key for me here. Its very much like the Xoom in most other ways. I am intrigued by their display enhancements too.

    Hmmm - I missed this. But if what you said earlier is true, that they may do away with the soft button, won't tablets that develop buttonless version be screwed later?

    It was running an earlier version of android. But it will come with honeycomb. My only disappointment is that it appears that my favorite live wallpaper has been removed from newer versions of android for some reason. My favorite is the "Water" one, with the autumn leaves floating on top, and if you touch it the water ripples. I entertain easily.

    I have already been searching for this wall paper as its own apk to install but all I can find is a full livewallpaper.apk suit that replaces your existing ones.
  5. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Well-Known Member

    The comment about it running an earlier version is because 2.2 and 2.3 require the hard buttons, whereas honeycomb is designed to get rid of those buttons, hence why their prototype may have required it.

    Maybe they just haven't updated their website and are trying to finalize the design?

    But if Android is requiring a certification prior to putting out honeycomb I can see them being adamant on having buttonless or buttonful design...

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