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  1. dhughes710

    dhughes710 Member

    New OTA is available. Not ics but it does add sense 3.0.

  2. thowe21

    thowe21 Active Member

    At least it's something.......just downloaded.
  3. rmreid

    rmreid Well-Known Member

    I think you will be very pleased with the update - No it is not ICS or JB, but the update IMO has done wonders to make the Inspire a better device.
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  4. thowe21

    thowe21 Active Member

    I's the mini-Me version of ICS :D
  5. RichterIX

    RichterIX Member

    In Sense 3.0's text messaging app can I still change the conversation style to NOT be bubble style? I know you could back in Sense 2, but I can't find the option now. Not a dealbreaker, just a curiosity really.
  6. jerrstan

    jerrstan New Member

    Got it yesterday and love it!
  7. dhughes710

    dhughes710 Member

    I must say that since this update I have noticed the phone is more responsive and seems to be better overall. I am pleased with this update so far. I figure this will be the last update this phone sees, but at least this was a decent one with no major issues so far.
  8. StandingCow

    StandingCow Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear no issues so far... and it seems like it improved response time. nice!
  9. RigelX

    RigelX Well-Known Member

    The two best features, for me, are they finally fixed the native text-messaging to correctly display the sender, and we can now take screen shots by holding the power button and pressing Home.
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  10. Jrhaggerty

    Jrhaggerty Member

    Hey guys,
    I was having trouble doing the update OTA it wasnt connecting to a server so i did it manually with HTC Sync and it worked. Now i lost all my stuff which im sure i should have just backed it up but i can easily just redownload my apps through my account. Although I have 14 of my contacts, the ones that I had put in since I got my phone so they were saved to the phone not the sim, but all my sim contacts got deleted or aren't there? now idk how I could have even done that or if I just can't see them... but please help me.
  11. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the OTA isn't working, it says the server isn't available.
  12. ChuckFFarrell

    ChuckFFarrell Member

    I was getting the same "Server Unavailable" erorr, so I talked to AT&T Support and they showed me a neat trick. Turn off Wifi, Turn on Mobile Data, Click Check for Updates. You get a message back that says you have an update and to turn on Wifi. I turned on Wifi and the update downloaded and installed.
  13. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    When I go to the AT&T Software Update area, there is only 1 option for me, "check for updates." I don't see the option for HTC updates or anything.
  14. ChuckFFarrell

    ChuckFFarrell Member

    If you have Wifi turned off and Mobile data turned on, when you click on the "Check for Updates" you should get a message back that there is an update available and to turn on Wifi to download it. Turn on Wifi and it downloads. That's the only thing that worked for me.
  15. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    WTF? I did that and it said this: "Software is up to date, check back in 24 hours"
  16. donalson

    donalson Active Member

    DLing now... apparently I didn't have room on my SD card so I had to kill some of my music...

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