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  1. thowe21

    thowe21 Active Member

    I got this text message from AT&T regarding a critical update for the Inspire. Anyone else get this text?

    - HTC Support Center

  2. Jaylen64

    Jaylen64 New Member

    I received the AT&T text today, and did the 4 updates as instructed. The update installation was successful, HOWEVER, my weather and messages stopped working. I uninstalled 2 updates (Messages & weather provider) and messages started working again, but the weather still hasn't. And now I keep getting an error message that has stopped unexpectedly. I don't have time to troubleshoot the matter any more today, but hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow. But my messages work now, and I didn't lose any data.
  3. Teawithtiffany

    Teawithtiffany New Member

    Both my weather and messing apps crashed and I keep getting the same error message. I'm planing on calling HTC tomorrow because of course I did the update today right after their customer service closed (8am-1pm est)

    I was eager for the update because lately my phone has been randomly restarting. its happened 4 times in the past 9 days. i send the report each time, not that i really think it helps. but i was hoping it had something to do with the security update. this is all so Very frustrating.
  4. jhanson23

    jhanson23 New Member

    I had the same problem last year. I took it to the AT&T store and they gave me a new sim card. Random rebooting solved.
  5. thowe21

    thowe21 Active Member

    Glad I didn't do the update then........looks like I will pass on it.
  6. MLAndroid

    MLAndroid Member

    My phone has never successfully done the check for software updates (it just times out and can't connect to server), but I used the links they provided for each application and that worked. All four apps have the updated versions they list and seem to work properly.
  7. Gigean

    Gigean New Member

    I think the update was only meant for certain types of phones... phones with Gingerbread? I did the update, now my messages crashes along with some other stuff, and I don't know what to do to fix it...

    If I'm posting this in the wrong section, I apologize!
  8. Gigean

    Gigean New Member

    How do you uninstall updates? I really don't mess around with my Inspire 4G all that much so I have a lot to learn about it

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