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  1. arst06d

    arst06d New Member


    I have one of these on order. It has only wifi connection - can it be used with a 3g usb dongle in non wifi areas? If so, is there a specific app I need to use?

    Is the operating system upgradable as Android progresses?


  2. nastypup

    nastypup New Member

    it will be upgradeable if someone makes us a custom rom.
  3. arst06d

    arst06d New Member

    To partially answer my original question - I have successfully connected to the internet using a Huawei E220 dongle on 3UK. I had to turn off wifi 'cos it seemed to prefer that connection. Also the 3g connection was a bit hit & miss but that could just be the signal strength in my area.

    Rather than rely on the 3g connection I bought a Zoom travel router - plug in your 3g dongle and it creates your own private wifi hotspot. Much more stable connection this way, so maybe the blips when connecting the dongle directly are not to do with signal strength.

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